Arnab Goswami All Set to Launch His New Channel….Know the Name and Date!

Arnab Goswami has finally revealed the that he will be soon launching his brand new news channel. In an exclusive interview to ‘exchange 4 media’ he has revealed the name of his new channel…...’REPUBLIC’!!!

Yes the new channel of Arnab Goswami will be named REPUBLIC, and it is said to be launched on Republic Day of January 26th of 2017.

Although Goswami is very much tight lipped about his new venture, he has said “My venture is called Republic and I seek the support of the people of India”. Now it is clear that he will be soon back will a bang and all his competitors are definitely worried about TRP.

For further questions, Arnab Goswami said he doesn’t want to reveal more about the project and likes to keep few things for surprise.

Soon after the news was out, the entire social media jumped into excitement with Arnab Goswami fans congratulating him on his new venture and wishing him good luck. People have already started posting hilarious and worried pictures of Rajdeep, Barkha and Sagarika who are said to be the biggest rivals of Arnab Goswami.

Arnab Goswami had stated a month back when he quit TimesNow, that he was planning to start a new venture which can match the international standards and would become the best in the world. He infact told that he wants an Indian channel to be the world’s best and not CNN or BBC. His relationship with TimesNow bosses got bitter when he was questioned for his direct attack on Pakistan and separatists which made him take the decision to quit his decade old channel. But now, definitely there is something different, new and exciting that Goswami has planned for his channel which will be released next month.

Now that Arnab has officially confirmed that his channel will be released, all news enthusiasts are waiting in eager to know the new AVATAR of Arnab Goswami in his New channel. Will he still carry his classic and signature tag line…India Wants to Know or will he introduce a new line for the new channel???

Aishwarya S