Arnab roars again…’The game has just begun’

Arnab is back. The wait has ended. It’s been 5 months & 18 days according to Arnab. We missed him more than anything on the news debate. We wanted him to cover the UP assembly elections, but we weren’t fortunate enough to watch him. Arnab is not about right or left wing. Arnab is about unbiased reporting. This channel will be a movement against anti-nationals.

Arnab in his address to the nation said that nationalism was a prerequisite for good journalism. Arnab hit out at the corrupt & powerful, who try to influence the media. He said that how he missed covering some of the incidents he would have loved to. Speaking about some of the controversial figures, Arnab said that people like Gaikwad (Shiv Sena goon) & Kalmadi should be taught a lesson. Their confidence must be crushed, he said.

Now that ‘The game has just begun,’ the presstitutes are going to have a bad time. Every person who values the nation above everything else will watch Arnab. You may argue that Arnab is not the only option, but when it comes to battling the negative forces, there can be no one better than Arnab. Arnab promised to take on the corrupt and said that they would expose one ‘powerful’ person every day.

Arnab started things off by taking on  Bihar mafia Shahabuddin & RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Alok Shetty


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