Arnab’s 10 Questions To Rahul Gandhi; Does Rahul have guts to answer these?

I haven’t been more amused in a long time than over the Rahul meeting the Chinese envoy affair. Just wanted to share a few points.

1. Rahul has a right, BUT NOT a pressing national responsibility, to meet the envoy.

2. It’s not clear what the major emergency was which made him rush to the Chinese embassy on Saturday at a time when the situation on the LAC was so sensitive.

3. When the Government is dealing with a sensitive situation, and Rahul knows about that, what track two was he trying to do with the Chinese?

4. If Rahul wanted to know the truth, why didn’t he ask the government for a debrief?

5. Who goes quietly to the embassy of a foreign power that has been threatening to teach India a lesson, to “exchange views”?

6. What happened in the meeting? Did the Chinese coach Rahul on their position or did Rahul angrily teach them a lesson on facts?

7. Is it a sheer coincidence that just a day earlier, Rahul’s tweets (not deleted yet ? ) attack the prime minister for “silence on China”?

8. Why did the Congress officially deny the meeting when news came out this morning?

9. If it was fake news, then why did the Congress confirm the fake news later in the evening today?

10. Rahul says it’s his job to be informed of critical issues. By the logic extended to the Chinese, would he go to the Pakistan High Commission to be informed of the situation along the LoC?

Rahul, nation wants to know

Arnab Goswami