Arnab’s Speech at EEMAX Global: Watch What Arnab Goswami has to Say about Arvind Kejriwal!

Arnab Goswami in a candid speech has called Arvind Kejriwal a Marketing Genius who does not know anything about fighting corruption.

Arnab Goswami who was speaking in the EEMAX Global 2016, spoke his heart out revealing many of his experiences as a journalist and his way of functioning. While addressing the audience, he said that he took huge risk to break the scams during the UPA. Arnab Goswami says that when he broke the news on 2G and CWG scams his carrier was at risk since Suresh Kalmadi and many senior leaders from the Congress had threatened him to drop the issue. He says he had to face many defamation charges for exposing the corrupts.

He goes to mention that Arvind Kejriwal and his gang which included Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi capitalized the anger of the people against Congress to fit their agenda.

He openly says that Kejriwal had no idea about fighting corruption and simply wanted to utilize the sentiment of people against corruption and they simply posed to be anti-corruption warriors.

This is in fact true, we all have been fooled by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, the entire country believed that corruption in India would end for once and for all! But when we look back today, what we realize that these people played with the sentiments of Indians and cheated the entire country in the name of India Against Corruption.

India gave him not one chance, but two ….But what he did was a mere DRAMA and zero work. He simply turned out to be an irresponsible abusive politician who did nothing lese other than blaming every living being.

Aishwarya S