“Arrest me if you want” Amit Shah dares Mamata Banerjee over Kolkata rally!

As the BJP and TMC lock horns in the ongoing NRC debate, the BJP has found another ammunition to attack Mamata Banerjee over Kolkata rally that is to be held on August 11.

BJP had applied for permission for a massive Yuva Morcha rally in Kolkata that is said to be attended by Amit Shah next week. Apparently, it is said that the police denied permission for BJP’s rally which irked the BJP top brass. Four years ago, the civic body had denied permission to Amit Shah’s rally which had created huge controversy in the state and BJP had approached the Calcutta High Court for permission. The high court had granted them permission which became an embarrassment for Mamata Banerjee.

Now, similar situation came up as the police denied permission to BJP rally which made Amit Shah go aggressive against Mamata Banerjee. Amit Shah who held a press conference said, “Mamata Banerjee could arrest me if she wants, but I will definitely attend the Yuva Morcha rally on August 11.”

He went on to say, that it doesn’t matter if he gets permission or not, but he will visit Kolkata on August 11 and state government could arrest him if they want to!

Yuva Morcha State President Debjit Sarkar, had given statement to the media that a formal application was submitted but the police were yet to give permission for the rally. He also stated that Yuva Morcha would approach the court if the state government denies permission.

But just moments after Amit Shah made statement, the Kolkata police issued a statement saying that the permission was already given.

The panic response of police and state government gave a clear indication as to how much Mamata Banerjee is worried about BJP’s growth in the state. It was very much apparent in the recently concluded Panchayat polls that BJP was making strong inroads into Bengal. Although the polls saw severe violence, murder and destruction of democracy, it gave a clear warning to Mamata Banerjee that BJP was gaining ground.

So, Mamata Banerjee is looking at all means to stop Amit Shah with her desperate attempts which is turning out to be unsuccessful.

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