Arrest ‘Modern Chanakya’ Amit Shah if he steps into Karnataka and throw him out of the state!!! CM Siddaramaiah instructed to District Commissioners?

Why is the Karnataka Congress government so scared of Mr Amit Shah?

Bharatiya Janata Party is protected by several layered thick walls and the prominent of them are PM Modi and Amit Shah. So whatever unwanted issue takes place in India, it will be linked with PM Modi. By doing this, the opposition parties intend to curb the popularity of PM Modi, but every time it had a reverse effect.

Whatever gimmicks adopted by the Congress-led opposition to malign PM Modi, the impact of PM Modi on the people couldn’t be averted. It is apparent that Congress has lost Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and this will be officially proved on December 19 after the counting.

Presently, Karnataka is the largest state ruled by Congress party and they don’t want to lose it in the upcoming assembly election. So the Congress party has resorted to a dirty game. Yes, the modern Chanakya, Amit Shah, is the key strategist of BJP and that’s why Chief Minister Siddaramayya allegedly has decided to a ban Amit Shah from entering the state.

This stunning disclosure was made by a TV channel in Karnataka. The channel reported that the reliable sources revealed that Congress government has planned to inflict ban on Amit Shah at the times of election.

Why is the Karnataka Congress government so scared of Mr Amit Shah?

  • Even the rivals of Amit Shah will not make the mistake of underestimating the acumen of Amit Shah.
  • Recently, Amit Shah had kickstarted the rally in Karnataka against the rule of CM Siddaramayya led Congress government.
  • Local media also revealed that  Mr Amit Shah instructed the youth leaders of BJP to intensely protest against each and every corrupt activity and corrupt politicians of Karnataka Congress.
  • Soon after the Gujarat elections, it is obvious that Amit Shah will prepare a smart and deadly game plan to eliminate Congress from Karnataka.
  • That’s why the Congress is believed to take a precautionary measure by banning Mr Amit Shah from entering the state of Karnataka.

If this move is enforced by CM Siddaramayya, then it will be a massive self-goal. What would have happened if Congress party president Sonia Gandhi was banned from entering a city in Delhi?

We had seen the future president of Congress party, Mr Rahul Gandhi entering into the restricted areas in the past. The best example was that of Saharanpur communal violence where Rahul Gandhi entered even though his visit was prohibited as he had every potential to disrupt the peace

Previously, Mr Pravin Thogadia was also banned from entering the districts of Karnataka state. The reason it had given was that communal tensions will erupt if he is allowed into the district. But the VHP leaders had hit back saying “The ban on our leader is unwarranted and is aimed at hurting sentiments of thousands of people at the behest of the Congress government, which is anti-Hindu”.

Recent master strokes of Amit Shah!!!

In March 2017, the BJP marked a historic win in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections by clinching more than 80 percent seats. Even during the General Assembly that was conducted in the year 2014, Uttar Pradesh was slept by Amit Shah’s strategy. Considering Mr Shah’s track record, Congress is apparently petrified.


Ananya Sharma


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