Arrest of a Hindu man in Gauri Lankesh’s death case is actually a conspiracy by Siddaramaiah govt to appease minorities ahead of elections in Karnataka?

Has the Gauri Lankesh’s killing been hijacked to appease minorities before the Karnataka polls? This is the question which is haunting every Indian after the sensational charges made by the friends of the accused in Gauri Lankesh’s death case.

Days ago, the Karnataka police claimed that they have made a first arrest in the Gauri Lankesh death case. Senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was assassinated on September 5th and the police claimed that “T Naveen Kumar”, a Hindu organisation activist played a key role in the murder.

Why suspicions are revolving around the arrest made by the Karnataka police?

The first arrest, in this case, was made by the Karnataka police near the main bus terminus at Majestic, few days ago on charges of supplying bullets to the murderers of Gauri Lankesh. After the arrest, the police claimed that Naveen Kumar had close links with several Hindu outfits and was reportedly angry with Lankesh for “insulting” Hindu gods and goddesses.

The police claims fell flat after the revelations made by the family members and the friends of Naveen Kumar. They said that Naveen Kumar was arrested on February 14 and three of his friends- Girish, Anil Kumar and Abhilash- were arrested on the next day. Since the court denied to impose police custody to the three friends of Naveen, the police had no option other than releasing them.

After being released, Girish revealed the dirty game of how the Siddaramaiah government was targeting the Hindu outfit leaders ahead of the elections. Girish said that Siddaramaiah government is scared that the murder of Gauri Lankesh will prove as a boon to the BJP. That’s why he has plotted a conspiracy to target the Hindu activists, said Mr Girish.

He also added that Naveen Kumar has proved like a headache to the Christian missionaries who were involved in converting Hindus. Naveen had even received death threats from certain religious organisations for fighting against the illegal mosque that was erected in his locality.

Let us ignore the claims of Naveen Kumar’s friend Girish’s claim for a minute and focus on the version of Karnataka police. As per the inputs provided by the police, the local medias had reported that Naveen Kumar was involved in senior journalist Gauri’s murder. But the police are making contradictory claims, day by day.

Yes, at one end, the police said that Mr Naveen Kumar had supplied weapons to the killers of Gauri Lankesh but at another end, they themselves have claimed that there are no evidence to pinpoint that Naveen was involved in Gauri’s assassination.

The man who was caught on the CCTV cameras at Lankesh’s house resembled that of Naveen Kumar, the police sources said. So they themselves don’t have anything other than this. Meanwhile, the Hindu activists are saying that Naveen will be released by the police once the Karnataka elections are done. As this is just an election stunt played by the Siddaramaiah government.

While the BJP said that the state’s Congress government is trying to “pin the murder” on Naveen Kumar because of his affiliation with Hindutva organisations, BJP MP Shobha Karandalaje said that the Siddaramaiah government was implicating Kumar “to make the BJP look bad before Karnataka elections”.

“Investigation will find out who the killer is. But, Congress is using Gauri Lankesh case in Karnataka to malign Hindus. Congress is trying to blame Hindu organisations. This is election year. Congress is using this case to garner Muslim votes”, said BJP leader and lawyer Rajeev Panday.

Source: News18

Hansika Raj