Arrest this Pakistan lover! Former J&K CM and supporter of stone pelters Mehbooba Mufti insults India saying people seeking revenge against Pakistan are illiterate

There are more number of traitors in India than the terrorists who are waiting in the border to sneak into India. These Pakistani cheer leaders have systematically built a strong network that regularly nurtures anti-Indian termites.

After the Pulwama attack, the entire nation including the men in uniform were seeking revenge against terror nation Pakistan. But few tried to appease Pakistan by pushing the “peace-talk” narrative. And now a lady has overtaken these messenger of peace talks, by insulting her motherland.

Yes, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti did a heinous act of insulting India and with sole intention of helping Pakistan. Issuing a statement, she said “40 of our jawans were martyred. Many lost their lives before also. We were not talking then, but still this happened. I believe that discussion should take place even after a war…….If we have to save Jammu & Kashmir, people of the state and soldiers of the country, then discussion is the only way forward”.

She continued her anti-national stand by adding “At the present time, neither of the country can afford a war. The ones calling for war at the present time are illiterate….All these talks are just to show what we can do. No literate country will call for war in such a case”.

According to her, anyone who wants to teach Pakistan a lesson is an illiterate person. Her statement clearly says that she isn’t even hurt over the martyrdom of over 50 Indian soldiers since last week. Ever since she had taken oath as the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, she tried in all means to weaken the Army intelligence and anti-terror operations. She had even withdrawn the cases filed against potential terrorists a.k.a stone pelters.

If terrorism is still prevailing in the valley, then the reason is politicians like Mufti to whom anti-nationalism comes first and patriotism never exits within them.

Hansika Raj