Article 370 is history now! What next to expect?

After the Rajyasabha successful passed the bill to bifurcate the state of Jammu and Kashmir, today Loksabha passed the bill with 370 votes supporting bifurcation.

This completed the process of making Article 370 a piece of history now.

This was not an easy decision. It took meticulous planning to avoid any sort of disturbances taking place in the valley. When the whole country was celebrating for the people of Kashmir, the break India forces were beating their chests and JNU campus once again witnessed anti-national slogans begin raised. Likes of Shehla Rashid, Rana Ayyub are calling it unconstitutional and they want to challenge the decision in apex court. Their sympathizers in Pakisthan too spoke same words. Now we can imagine, the vicious creatures India had harbored, who stand exposed now.

Now when article 370 is history, what to expect next?

  1. Politically- a surprising but a very good development that has taken place is, opposition leaders have come in support of the bill. Yes it is true that majority of Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi, and leaders like Mamatha Banerjee have condemn the bill, the leaders of BJD, AAP have supported the bill
  • Rajyasabha whip of Congress party-Shri Bhubaneshwar Kalita resigned to his post after congress opposed the bill.
  • Jyotiradithya Scindia today expressed his support. Arvind Kejriwal and Mayavathi too have expressed support to the ruling party.
  • Now Gilgit and Baltisthan people to are requesting to be one with India. As per our HM Shri Amit Shah, he declared we are ready to sacrifice our life, even PoK is part of India.

It is a good development because government will have free hand to face any implications of abolishing article 370.

  1. Foreign affairs– Pakisthan, as expected is visbly shook by the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir and scrapping of 370. Imran Khan said Pulwama like attacks will happen, and India will blame them for it.
  • This is the main reason to abolish 370, with the help of separatists and leaders like Mehbooba Mufti(it was her foolish decision to remove barricades and check posts which became cause for pulwama) Pakisthan fed terrorism to the valley. Now when centre will control the security, they are near game over.
  • Pakisthan claimed that other Islamic countries are concerned about the recent developments where as UAE and neighbouring country like Srilanka have called it ‘internal matter’ of India. We should really be thankful to the foreign trips of our PM.

These posters were seen all around Islamabad today. The people of Balochisthan asking India’s support be a seperate entity. This will tame Pakisthan attitude towards Kashmir.

  • China, has expressed concern on declaring Ladakh a Union Territory but India has a befitting answer.

The world leaders too have considered this as an internal matter and have reserved their comments. It’s a Diplomatic win.

  1. Economy and infrastructure – the state of J&K is a heaven on earth. The tourism should have flourished but any development in development in Jammu and Ladakh were compromised. Now the infrastructure and economy will bloom.
  • The helmet manufacturing company steel bird has already come forth to set up a manufacturing unit there.
  • The Jammu Kashmir bank shares were mainly owned by the locals and it was a private sector bank. We can expect govt to t the stake holdings and declare it a public sector bank. Which will improve transactions, loans
  1. Social and community reforms
  • The SC/ST were kept away from right to fight elections, now this road block is removed
  • The Valmikis who were brought into the valley and their next generation have suffered because of 370,now their children can find other jobs which will improve their socioeconomic status.
  • Health sector will see massive boost. As schemes like Ayushman Bharath will expand to the two union territories, and investments to start multi specialty hospitals can be very soon expected.
  • Many educational institutions will come up eventually.
  1. Culturally – the kashmiri pandits will have their devabhoomi and karmabhoomi back. This will not only bring down the radical Islamic thinking in the valley,it will boost spiritual and cultural tourism in the union territories.

If government boosts Dharmic learning centres which teaches Sanskrit, yoga and spirituality. Kashmir will regain its lost heritage.

  1. Tourism- now two union territories have come up, the budget dedicated to the state previously will not be eaten up by the turmoil of the kashmir. The tourism to both Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh will grow exponentially.

When all these points are true, of course the radicals may try to inflict disturbances with backing of Pakisthan. Now when Kashmir is Completely ours, it also becomes duty of the citizens of India to embraces and stand in support with our brothers and sisters in Kashmir.

Our greatest heroes are on the streets of Kashmir protecting us day and night. Let us not doubt them. Let us be their greatest strength. However, if any bad situation arises, let’s not mock the government policies, instead let us show our solidarity and unity.

Jai Hind

Dr Sindhu Prashanth