Did Arvind Kejriwal Call Anna Hazare Corrupt???

It’s been a habit for Kejriwal to oppose everyone who supports Narendra Modi. His sole agenda has now become to fight Modi and not corruption. He has proved he will go to any extent if he has to oppose Modi, it may be speaking against India or Indian army or even calling the surgical strike fake.

Now Kejriwal has even targeted his one time mentor and his guru Anna Hazare who helped become a National figure. Kejriwal has indirectly said all those who oppose Modi are corrupts. Just a day after Anna Hazare gave a statement to Timesnow that he supports the government’s move on demonetization, saying its bold and revolutionary, Kejriwal tweeted on 19th November that all those who supports Modi are corrupts.



Although Anna Hazare was never a big fan of Narendra Modi, he had said Modi’s decision on black money hunt was sincere and would help curb black money problem in India. Kejriwal who built his carrier because of Anna Hazare, today doesn’t hesitate to call him corrupt. His hatred towards Modi has reached the zenith and now looks like its now turning against India too.

If Kejriwal was really against fighting corruption he should have supported the demonetization stand which was meant to bring out crores of hidden money. But the way he is projecting himself against the move and his constant rant against demonetization is proving that he may have lost a major share of his treasury. He has cancelled all rallies that were scheduled in Punjab and also has announced that he will not be contesting the BMC polls in Mumbai. He even cancelled his visit to Gujarat after demonetization.

His entire media drama which runs on black money seems to have taken a big hit after November 8th. He is only exposing himself more and more by speaking against black money fight which will dent his image irreversibly.

Aishwarya S