How Arvind Kejriwal is fooling Delhi people in the name of CCTV cameras, check yourself!

Arvind Kejriwal promise of installing 15 lakh CCTV during State Assembly Election is still waiting to be accomplished. It gets wings of hope when Delhi Government in last cabinet meeting passed the order for installation of CCTV in 6350 DTDC Buses. 

How many of you remember Arvind Kejriwal calculation explanation of installing 15 lakh CCTV? Let me first put the video of that, Please Listen What he said in past then we will move forward with Expose. 

In this Video, Arvind Kejriwal explains to Ravish Kumar how he will install 15 lakh CCTV in just Rs 200 crore and claim that Congress is looting money hence they are saying it is out of Budget. 

Now Let’s come again to recent Delhi Cabinet announcement of CCTV in 6350 DTDC Buses. 

Delhi Cabinet passed the installation of CCTV in 6350 DTDC Buses. 

Cost passed by Cabinet for installation  is Rs 140 crore 

When you divide the cost per bus for CCTV Installation – Rs 140 crore / 6350 = Rs 2,20, 472 

It means in One Bus It will cost Rs 2,20,472. 

Now Let’s check Cost of 2 HD Quality CCTV in market, you can check by your own, Its about Rs 15000-20000. Let’s add 50,000 per bus more at max to create a Control Room which is actually already present. Other than this When You purchase in Bulk, Cost goes Low. 

Still We have a corruption of more than Rs 1,30,000 atleast per Bus. 

Multiply Now – 6350 * Rs 1.3 lakh and remember the Video You Watch above. 

Now Think about this. How he openly fool by his innocent looking face and crying voice. 

It’s on people to decide, I while exposing this wish that Anti Corruption Bureau files case in this. 

This will also get revealed in the audit. 

Why he is doing Open Corruption when he came into power with so much promise ? 

The point again is that He fooled since the beginning of his campaign where he used Anna Hazare to accomplish his Political Ambition. 

Abhishek Kumar