Is Arvind Kejriwal a paid agent of America?

Arvind Kejriwal is as lethal as AK 47, that’s why many of his political rivals call him AK. But AK is known for firing dummy bullets with an intention to create disruption. But when we analyse the life of Arvind Kejriwal, everything is weird and suspicious.

“Is it a fact that in your entire service of 20 years in Indian Revenue Service, you never served outside Delhi even though the norms of the service are that all IRS officers serve a posting only for three years in a place? Is it a fact that even your wife, who is also an IRS officer, has never served outside Delhi?” this was a question asked by Digvijay Singh who now is no different from Arvind Kejriwal.

How could Mr Arvind Kejriwal serve only in Delhi throughout his career? What is the hidden secret behind this? Was it possible only due to corruption?

When he was transferred for the first time to another lively city, Chandigarh; he proceeded on leave.  He could remain posted in Delhi throughout his career defying service rules and this reflects that he was never a thorn to the corrupt persons. As an IRS, he himself admitted that he did not take bribe, but he maintained silence against his staff taking bribe. Ashok Khemka, an honest IAS officer was transferred over 50 times in his 22 years of service. Does this mean that Arvind Kejriwal never became a thorn to the corrupt?

Arvind Kejriwal qualified Civil services exam (1991) and was allotted IRS. He tried again in the next year, but again could not improve his ranking and hence he joined as IRS. It should also be noted that his track record was quite ordinary.

In January 2000, he took leave from work and founded an NGO, Parivartan. In February 2006, he resigned from the job, to work full-time at ‘Parivartan’.

What is the qualification of this so called crusader against corruption?

Date of Birth: July 16, 1968

Education: B. Tech. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering ,Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1989).


  1. a) Worked as Assistant Manager in The Tata Iron & Steel Co, Jamshedpur (1989 to 1992).
  2. b)  Joined the Indian Revenue Service (IRS IT-92069) in 1992 .
  3. c) Date of Appointment to Group A- 5.9.1993.
  4. d) Kejriwal took study leave from the government between November 2000 and October 2002, after signing the bond . During 2000-2002, Kejriwal was paid a salary, under the condition that he would not leave the service for at least three years upon returning from the study leave
  5. e) Promoted as Joint Commissioner, IT on 26.3.2003.
  6. f) Kejriwal again went on Extra-ordinary leave without pay in 2004.
  7. g) Never posted out of Delhi. CBDT planned  to give him posting to another urban centre, Chandigarh. His wife Sunita Kejariwal(IRS IT-93072) also never posted out of Delhi between 1995-2004 and then to Ghaziabd.
  8. h)  He arranged a letter from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the then NAC Chairperson to PM and the Finance Minister to stop his impending transfer.  i) Arvind resigned on  20 Feb 2006.
  9. j) Resignation pending since he had gone on foreign training after signing a bond that he will serve the government for three years.
  10. k) Resignation accepted   through CBDT notification dated   20.12.2011 w.e.f 20 Feb 2006 only after he paid dues of Rs. 9.27 lakhs.

The link of Arvind Kejriwal with CIA!!!

 Arvind Kejriwal received Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in the year 2006. In fact Magsaysay Foundation itself was planned by CIA. This declassified document of CIA reveals the same.  AK got this award of $ 50000 at the age of 38 and the citation does not reveal some significant contribution except the fact that under the aegis of Parivartana, AK and his team could settle 2500 cases of electric bills grievances.

The Magsaysay awards in different categories are constituted by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and a substantial part of the cash component is funded by the Ford Foundation (FF). Surprisingly, it is the Ford Foundation only that was financing AK during the same period while AK was also working in the Government of India. AK had founded another organization , Kabir, with Manish Sisodia in August, 2005.

Herein is the capsule of Kejariwal’s   dubious NGO career: 

While on Study Leave and taking full salary, started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000 for RTI campaign.NGO Kabir spun off of Parivartan and began operations on August 15th, 2005.  Office of KABIR , D – 59, THIRD FLOOR, PANDAV NAGAR,DELHI – 110092, Ph : 22485139. The website came in operation since 17th Dec.2007 with following address, www.kabir.org.in

Kabir was funded heavily by Ford foundation. This is surprising that Kabir started getting funds from very first year of operation.

 What is surprising that Kabir claims to be transparent , but has  not made public its foreign grants for the year 2008-9. The search at the site returns “failed’ report   http://www.kabir.org.in/indexx.htm . But, the  Ford Foundation site  reveals it all. Kabir was given a grant of $1,97,000 in the year 2008.  http://www.fordfoundation.org/grants/grantdetails?grantid=107117.Again, the next year return reveals Kabir received Rs 6075149 in the year 2009-10, but the details have been hidden as Annexures not made public in the name of transparency. Kabir’s own declaration of Year wise details of Foreign Contributions.

Kabir was raided by the Union Home Ministry officials for a suspected violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) on 22nd August,2012 pursuant to the Court Order.

But, more curious is the fact  that  Kabir has been directly funded by the Dutch Embassy. The amount made public is merely the tip of the iceberg. When embassies can come out openly with funding an individual or organization, one can see the confidence and brazenness of the powers which are pushing Kejariwal for their own strategic game in India.

Kejariwal ,Dutch Embassy, HIVOS,PANOS and the CIA game plan!!!

 Why is Dutch embassy funding Kejariwal? Who are HIVOS? What is the connection between HIVOS, Kejariwal and the Ford Foundation?

HIVOS is also  one of  the highest recipient of Ford Foundation’s grants . Stichting Hivos, Netherlands, is also  a donor who maintains a full-fledged country office in India, receiving $1.2 million or around Rs 5.5 crores:  http://www.fordfoundation.org/Grants/Search?searchphrase=kabeer  Hivos  is  also one of the co-financing agencies to the Netherlands government, whose embassy funds Kejariwal’s Kabir.

Hivos also funds Kejariwal’s Parivartana: http://www.hivos.nl/eng/content/view/full/96/(sector)/10000025/(country)/10000011

Then there is PSO Association which was  founded in 1985, to facilitate the posting abroad of professionals in the context of development cooperation. The name refers to this main activity: Personnel Cooperation in Developing Countries (Personele Samenwerking in Ontwikkelingslanden). PSO is directly funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affiairs.PSO which  is an association that consists of sixty Dutch development organisations including Hivos and which receives 27 million Euros annually for its activities from the Netherlands government is a funding partner of PRIA, who in turn is also a  Ford Foundation partner. Another PSO partner – Soliaridad also funds PRIA. , PRIA funds Kejriwal’s  Kabir,  which is a Ford Foundation recipient. Thus, the whole nexus of Dutch NGO, Ford foundation, Dutch government, Kejariwal and recent attempt of creating a Tahrir-like condition in India lies unraveled.

 Now PSO is winding up after so many complaints from many countries for their intrusive activities.

Netherlands Dutchy engagement with India

Western powers have made umpteen efforts to not let Asian countries reap the benefit of higher technology. The US had been smart enough to engage in ‘policy of congagement” vis-à-vis emerging powers. They engage with the emerging power like the hub and the spoke and on the other hand engage in policy of off-shore balancing at different level. The emerging powers have to be contained by the second most powerful regional actor. While at the trans-regional level, it maintains a balance of power among various regional powers by excluding itself so that it remain the arbitrator of the global order. The weak NATO states have always been the carrier of the containment strategy in the name of human rights or insufficient democracy and now the  hoax of technology threat. One must remember how it was the Americans and the Dutch who connived to let Khan steal nuclear secrets from URENCO . The Dutch internal agency, BVD and the Americans wanted to help Pakistan to build nuclear weapon as they wanted Pakistan to be a regional balancer against India during Cold war.

 Arvind Kejariwal is a small cog in this gigantic American intricate  machine that has started rolling again in Asia to reassert imperial control through machinations. Kejariwal must be made to respond and come out clean as to his financiers-overt as well as covert- and their game plan.AK was propped up at a time when the issue of black money stashed away abroad was gaining upper edge in public discourse. It is through the Offshore financial centres that the globalization of finance operates and the hegemony of the US and its lackeys is perpetuated. By effectively  downsizing  BJP and Ramdev’s campaign to bring back Indian money from OFCs, AK won accolades in the US administration.

After reading this report, one will definitely look at Arvind Kejriwal with suspicion.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=398597310271020&id=224613674336052

Hansika Raj