Arvind Kejriwal”™s Samosa Bill Crosses 1 Crore!

Delhi government with the smallest cabinet with 6 members has incurred the highest bill of over 1 crore on tea and snacks. Kejriwal who claims to be aam aadmi seems to be leading a Khas life!
Kejriwal has racked up a hefty bill of 47.29 Lakh, Rs 22,42,320 from his secretariat office and Rs 24,86,921 from his residence camp office. These bills are not electric bill or water bill but bill spent on SNACKS! Dy Cm Manish Sisodia has come second spending a total amount of 11,28,429 followed by Gopal Rai, who has been now suspended for corruption has spent Rs 11,06,272.

Sandeep Kumar who got arrested 2 days back for Sex scandal has produced a bill of Rs 9,11,179, Health minister Satyendra Jain has shelled out Rs 9,10,311, tourism minister Kapil Mishra has spent a total of Rs 6,30,090. The Aam Aadmi party has spent over 1 crore rupees just on refreshments.
Interestingly, the petrol and maintenance bill of vehicles given by Manish Sisodia is just 3.3 lakhs. Looks like Delhi government has spent more time enjoying with tea, samosa and refreshments than working.
The way the Delhi government is producing bills shows that in no way that this government can be called Aam Aadmi Party. The lavish spending on junks, travels and ministers enjoying the company of women shows how these people have deceived the people of Delhi in the name of Anti-corruption movement. No news on curbing corruptions or development, but the most we hear about Kejriwal and his ministers is watching new movies, getting arrested for fake degrees, corruptions, molestation on women and sex scandals.
Recently the credibility of AAP government in Delhi as hit the rock bottom and their anti corruption agenda and clean governance seems to be forgotten.
The bill incurred on snacks is definitely not surprising given the amount of time Kejriwal spends watching movies in theatres, twitter and making videos…he SURELY NEEDS SAMOSAS TO MUNCH!

Aishwarya S