Arvind Kejriwal’s Social Media Head Makes Foolish Comment Against New Chief of Army, Gets Thrashed!

“Gen Bipin Rawat’s grandfather was an MP from BJP. It’s unfortunate that he has been appointed superseding two senior generals.” These were the words of Kejriwal’s Media head Ankit Lal!!!

Wow! What a link! Does anyone believe this? Some may, but not the rest. Not because who  said this but there is no logic behind this statement.

The media in-charge of Aam Admi Party, Mr. Ankit Lal is the man who has found a historical link behind Gen Rawat and his appointment!

He made this historical tweet –

Now we have to look into the truth. General Bipin Rawat was born in 1959. His grandfather was born in 1887. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was formed in 1980. So, a person with common sense would say this is stupidity to find a link between Gen Rawat’s grandfather’s associations with BJP. Even if his grandfather was an MP, then it must have been during the time of Congress because then that was the only party that was in power.

The story doesn’t end here. When tweeple mocked at Mr. Ankit about his foolish logic, he gave another explanation.

He tweeted,

So, he brought link with Jan Sangh.

In that sense, if any person from Peshwa family comes into some position in BJP, I’m sure Ankit would say that his ancestor Bajirao was ruling Maratha Empire and because of that he has got this position and the link between Bajirao and BJP is Hindutva!

Well, I don’t think that the government will have to give any explanation for such illogical statements. Because, if we have to find links in such sense, then we can link things in ‘n’ number of ways!

People should occupy positions with their merit and their talent. At the same time, if they have a good background that cannot be targeted and attributed for their achievements. If the procedure of selection of the candidate is transparent and there are sufficient reasons for the choice, then it is simply unnecessary for people to make issue out of it.

Let us not defame credible people with credible positions, just for political reasons. Politics should be used for ruling the country in best way and not to accuse each other for no reason!

Akshara Damle

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