‘Aryan Invasion theory fake’: Latest DNA report on Harappan civilization finds no trace of central Asian race!

If you remember, we may all have studied about theories of Aryans and Dravidians when we were in school. We were told that Aryans came to India from Central Asia and they were not natives of our country, while Dravidians were said to be the real descendants of India and were mainly from south.

But not many people know that this theory of Aryans and Dravidians were propped up by the British and few opportunist politicians in India who wanted to divide the North and South. Yes, these people termed North Indians as Aryans and south Indians, especially the Tamil Nadu part of India as Dravidians. They said that North Indians were not real Indians and had migrated from central Asia. This story was published in all Indian textbooks which created a rift between North and South regions. Thus misleading entire generation for 50 years.

There were many studies conducted earlier which had debunked the story of Aryan Invasion theory. However, no right person ever conveyed this message to the people of India due to political backlash and feared the leftist lobby which had directly favoured the Aryan Invasion Theory. Except for Dr Subramaian Swamy not many people bravely spoke about the fake claims of British.

But now the much-awaited DNA tests of the skeletal remains of Harappan civilization is finally out and the results will make every leftist and colonial mindset cover their face in shame. According to the reports, there was no traces of Central Asian race in the DNA sample indicating that the Aryan Invasion was a fake concept.

The lead researchers of this soon-to be published study — Vasant Shinde and Neeraj Rai — told ETthat this establishes the knowledge ecosystem in the Vedic era was guided by “fully indigenous” people with limited “external contact”

“The Rakhigarhi human DNA clearly shows a predominant local element — the mitochondrial DNA is very strong in it. There is some minor foreign element which shows some mixing up with a foreign population, but the DNA is clearly local,” Shinde told ET. He went on to add: “This indicates quite clearly, through archeological data, that the Vedic era that followed was a fully indigenous period with some external contact.” (Economic Times).

Mr Shinde also gave evidences to show that the tradition followed in burial was almost same as that on early vedic times which is also known as the Rig Vedic Era. The construction type, pots used and the eating habits of the Harappan people showed that they were in good shape and very healthy which also proves their well-developed knowledge that was passed to next Vedic Era. It was also found that some of the rituals and tradition were even followed today by many community people in India which showed the remarkable transfer of knowledge through thousands of years.
According to Rai, the evidence points to a predominantly indigenous culture that voluntarily spread across other areas, not displaced or overrun by an Aryan invasion. “The condition of the human skeletons, the burial…all show absence of palaeo-pathology symptoms which could indicate ailments due to lack of medical care. The persons here were healthy; denture morphology showed teeth free of any infection; bones are healthy, as is the cranium,” Rai told Economic Times.

Mr Rai said the skeletons revealed there were no cuts or wounds which indicated that the population was not subjected to warfare or clashes. This indicated that people lived in harmony, well educated and had full knowledge in health care system, The excavations in Rigvedic phase, he said, corroborate this. “This points to greater continuity rather than to a new Aryan race descending and bringing superior knowledge systems to the region,” Rai said.

The Rakhigarhi study, he said, while showing absence of any Central Asian/Steppe element in the genetic make-up of the Harappan people, does indicate minor traces of Iranian strains which may point to contact, not invasion. According to Aryan invasion theory, a set of migrants came from Central Asia and destroyed the original inhabitants of India to the South and established a much superior system. But the Rakhigarhi is one of the biggest Harappan civilization which is spread over 300 hectares in Hisar in Haryana.
Rai said that the studies were conducted with 148 samples collected from different parts of Rakhigarhi which all showed similar results of having same DNA as that of Indians and not Central Asia.

So, this finally proves that there was no Aryan Invasion theory and it was a fake story created by the colonial slaves to break India and divide Indians of North and South. Now, it is time for the HRD minister Prakash Javdekar to remove the fake theories from all school textbooks and include the right history.

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