As CM Kumaraswamy skips attending “Tipu Jayanti” celebration in Karnataka, rift between Congress and JD (S) becomes bigger!

November 10th is known for two prominent reasons. Firstly, on this day Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaj had killed the communal invader Afzal Khan. And in celebration to that, this day is celebrated as “Shaurya Diwas” because it is said that Hindus would have been wiped out from India if it wasn’t Shivaraji Maharaj’s bravery.

Secondly, this day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, the man who had butchered lakhs of Hindus and Christians in South India. Moreover, there is a confusion on which day Tipu actually took birth. While the former CM Siddaramaiah announced November 10th as the birthday of Tipu, few Islamic scholars argue otherwise.

The chief minister in Karnataka changed, the celebration of Tipu Jayanti wasn’t halted. Even though the BJP and other Hindu outfits posed a stiff protest, the Congress and the JD (S) alliance didn’t cancel the celebration.

Senior Congress leader Tanveer Sait feels his community is neglected after CM Kumaraswamy and the deputy CM Parameshwar didn’t attend the Tipu Jayanti celebration!

Shocked? Yes, both the CM and the deputy CM of Karnataka didn’t attend the Tipu Jayanti celebration citing various reasons. The chief minister’s office (CMO) released a statement that said “The government is observing the birth anniversary of Hajarath Tippu Sulthan today all over the State. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy commends Tipu Sultan’s progressive measures in administration, and his quest for innovation are commendable. He has also stated that as he is taking rest on doctor’s advice he is unable to take part in the programme”.

There is a saying that whoever supported Tipu Sultan, would lose their fortunes. The liquor baron Vijay Mallya had purchased a sword of Tipu through an auction and now he is hiding in the United Kingdom. Now the CM had distanced due to the fear of losing his power?

Such a speculation took birth looking at another statement of CMO that said “It is unnecessary to add a special meaning to it. It is also far from truth that he isn’t taking part due to the fear of losing power, as he opposes such blind beliefs”.

Not just the chief minister, but even the deputy CM D Parameshwar didn’t attend the celebration of Tipu Jayanti. This didn’t go well as a former minister and senior Congress leader Tanveer Sait  expressed his dissatisfaction over the absence of both Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.

He said that both of them have insulted the religion by not attending the celebration of Tipu Jayanti celebration. “I understand that Kumaraswamy is not keeping well and is taking rest on the advice of his doctors. However, it would have been a good gesture on his part, if he had taken part in the Tipu Jayanti celebrations in the taluk headquarters, nearby to the place where he is camping to relax. The leaders should not neglect the community” said Tanveer Sait.

Few evidence prove that Tipu had tried to suppress the Kannada language by enforcing Persian language as the official language of Karnataka. Yet, his is celebrated today in Karnataka.

Hansika Raj