As Congress name emerges in Modi assassination plot, Dr Subramanian Swamy demands NSA Ajit Doval to investigate the case at highest level!

Dr Subramaian Swamy who has been very vocal and critical about the role of Congress in most of the scams during the UPA rule, had revealed many dirty plots of Congress and especially Gandhis. He is one person who spoke and exposed many untold stories about Sonia Gandhi’s background, Rahul Gandhi citizenship issue. He had even raised many shocking information on Rajiv Gandhi murder as well.

Now, after the Modi Assassination plot was revealed by many news channels, Dr Swamy has raised concerns and demanded probe against the Congress party’s role in the assassination plot of Narendra Modi. Dr Swamy informed that he spoke to the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval today and requested him to take the matter seriously. He has also demanded NIA investigation into the case to expose the role of Congress as their name was mentioned in two letters that were seized from arrested Maoist house.

According to ANI reports, Swamy said “I called up National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and spoke to him regarding this matter. I’ll be writing a letter to him on Monday. Since the Congress party is also involved or has been named, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is no doubt that PM Modi has been our star campaigner and has influenced our performance.”  He also urged all investigative agencies to take note of the matter and deal it at the highest level.

Dr Swamy also said that the link of Congress party with Maoists needs to be investigated by the NIA and the source of funding to the Maoist organization must be tracked. He said it was unfortunate and shocking that the party which claims to have participated in freedom struggle and ruled the country for 65 years is apparently involved in this act. He said there was already suspicion of the party’s involvement in the Rajiv Gandhi’s murder case because after the murder of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to the then President in favour of terrorist who were given Capital punishment and requested it be changed to life imprisonment.

When one of the convicts, Nalini threatened of exposing the real truth, Priyanka Gandhi had secretly met Nalini in the jail to silence her. This was completely against law as no one is allowed to meet convicts without genuine reason except their family members. He questioned Sonia Gandhi’s role in financing Convict Nalini’s daughter who was born in jail and took care for all her medical education.

He also said that the sequence of events after Rajiv Gandhi’s murder had lead to various suspicion as Sonia Gandhi had links with APUSH (Palestine Liberation Organisation) who were involved in various terror activities, which he said he can prove in any court.

So, Dr Swamy is very keen and demanded the NIA to take the person who wrote the letter and the person who received it and all those people mentioned in the letter to custody under the National security act and investigate them. He said those people who are speaking in favor of Maoists should also be interrogated under Section 164 before a magistrate. He urged the media should further expose the people involved in this plot as it was a major National security breach.


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