As 2019 election approaches, lutyens media back to fake news peddling, India Today falsely claims SC/ST people not allowed in Gorakhnath temple!

The main stream media is well known for spreading fake news, racking up fake dalit issues just before any elections approach. Their Modus operandi has continued since decades where they have operated according to their political masters and setting fake agendas to facilitate particular party.

Even before the 2014 elections or state elections, the same rule was followed where certain media indulged in hate mongering and spreading fake news just to create fear in the minds of people. Now, with 4 months for the 2019 general elections, the same media groups are back into their business of spreading fake news.

If one would have noticed, during every elections, there would arise some dalit issue in the nation which would be blown out of proportions just to make sure that BJP’s image is tarnished and they are projected as anti dalit.

India Today which has made mistakes many times before has once again indulged in dirty tricks of spreading fake news.

Rahul Kanwal tweeted about a program about an investigation conducted by India Today where they claimed that dalits were not allowed in Gorakhnath temple in Gorakhpur,. This temple was deliberately chosen to spread mis-informtaion as the temple belongs to Nath tradition to which the CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath is the Mahant.

But just as he tweeted this, many people who have been visiting the temple and witnessed that not just Dalits, but Muslims also visiting temple rebutted his claims saying that the news was completely fake.

Social activists made it a point to directly talk to SC/ST members and confirmed that the entire story peddled by India Today was fake.

A person called Gaurav Kumar also posted three videos where the SC/ST members themselves claimed that they were visiting the temples since ages and there was no restrictions on them at any point of time.

So, this was a planned attempt by India Today and Rahul Kanwal to tarnish the image of Hindus and dividing the society with their fake news. Such people are the ones who falsely claim that Dalits are marginalized in society and help pseudo secular parties gain mileage out of it.

This is nothing but an attempt by the same ecosystem to tarnish the image of Yogi Adityanath, just like how they did to Narendra Modi 10 years back.

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