As PM Modi attends G20 summit, Amnesty International which supported terrorists Afzal Guru gives lectures on Human rights!

There is always a Modus operandi of the break India gang which follows a protocol to target India and PM Modi. The operation has two phases, one in National level and the other in international level.

In National level, the fake liberals, seculars and pseudo activists create a false perception that Indian democracy is in danger under PM Modi. They create violence, protests, divide India on caste basis and blame PM Modi for the incident. They declare their support for such people who have been plotting the assassination of Prime Minister and claim its their freedom of expression. They extend help to anti Nationals, naxals and Maoists in the country, help them plot attack against Indian soldiers.

In International level, they spread fake narrative that India is violating human rights in Kashmir, calling our Indian Army soldiers rapists, murderers  comparing them to General Dyer.They start the international campaign exactly when PM Modi goes on official foreign tours with a deliberate attempt to malign him and India on global platform.

Now, when PM Modi is on a visit to Argentina to attend the G20 Summit, Amnesty International, the biggest supporters of terrorists and the organisation which is under investigation for violating FCRA norms is targeting PM Modi.

Take a look!

The restlessness of Amnesty International is because the Modi government has caught these people over FCRA violations and their entire organisation in India is under investigation. Just couple months back, the Enforcement Directorate raided the office of Amnesty International in Bangalore where they have said to have recovered huge documents which shows the company has escaped paying taxes for the foreign funds they have received and violated the FCRA norms.

The NDA since coming to power cancelled the license of around 16,000 NGOs which were indulged in FCRA violations and using the money for anti National activities.

The Amnesty International has always showed their support to terrorists and urban Naxals which had put severe doubts in their links with terror organisation. Aakar Patel who heads the Amnesty India, was one among many members who had signed a petition to free Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist who was caught during 26/11 attack. They had also expressed concern about the hanging of Afzal Guru, the master mind of 2001 Parliament attack.

They had also batted for the Nirbaya Rapists asking Supreme Court not to pronounce death sentence to rapists.

So, this is the organisation which is questioning India and PM Modi on human rights. The basic question they first need to answer is do they fight human rights exclusively for terrorists and naxals who work to destroy peace in a country. If so, then they do not deserve to be called human right activists!

The same organization never questions Congress, they never question the genocide of Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits and hundreds of riots that happened under Congress why??? Seems like they all belong to same family and ideology, this is why all their statements having striking similarity. It cannot be ruled out if Congress is behind this entire drama of maligning PM Modi abroad using Amnesty International.

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