Asaduddin Owaisi Claims “Allah is the owner of Babri Mosque”; People lashed out on him brutally on Social Media!

Shri Ram Janm-bhoomi issue is one of the most debated and controversial issue of India. It is a long going dispute between Hindus and Muslims and it is quite sensitive as well.

Recently some critical development has been observed in this long pending issue, when Shia Central Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh told the Supreme Court that a mosque could be built in a Muslim-dominated area at a reasonable distance from the disputed site in Ayodhya and the disputed land should be handed over to Hindus.

This statement was lauded by several sections of society. But as expected, few Communal leaders were unable to digest this solution and they have started crying foul. The first and the foremost is AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi.

Owaisi said that mosques cannot be handed over to anybody simply because a religious cleric says so, as Allah owns the places of worship.

He further added that “Masjids cannot be given just bcos 1 Maulana says so, Allah is the owner not a Maulana once a Masjid always a Masjid.”

“Masjids are built by people who believe in Day of Judgment and fear ALLAH only. It is duty of Muslims to offer namaz in masjid that is protection,” he added.
“Masjids can be managed by Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Sufi, Deobandi, Salafi, Bohri but they are not owners ALLAH is the owner even AIMPLB cannot give.

And as expected once his words were out, people started to lash him out for his provocative and absurd statement.

Here are some examples

This one was very accurate, If Allah is a creator of this entire World then he doesn’t need an Advocate like Owaisi.

On one hand, leader like Owaisi calls Rama a fictional character, and here he is calling Allah the owner of Mosque….hypocrisy overloaded.

This was a nice suggestion indeed

Here this person presented some proofs to counter Owaisi’s claim.

Another perfect counter to this idiot Owaisi.

This one was the best, on one hand they say there are no castes in Islam, but here Mr. Owaisi has mentioned multiple castes or factions within the Muslims.

Manish Sharma