Asaduddin Owaisi’s ancestors were Hindus: Prof Rakesh Sinha

Asaduddin Owaisi is a second name of communal violence. In the past we have seen several instances where he had tried to provoke Muslims for violence in the name of religion, insult Hindus and back terrorists. That was his daily routine. But in these routine activities he had forgotten his roots. Yes, he had completely forgotten his roots. And that was well reminded by RSS Man Prof Rakesh Sinha.

Owaisi has not done anything useful for the welfare of Indian Muslims till now. All he does is keep dividing Hindus and Muslims in the name of religion. He keeps the Muslim population happy by his speeches by getting senseless issues into consideration like the one of hanging Yakub Memon etc. He encourages “his” people to be aggressive against anyone, be it cops or lawmakers etc.

Look at this statement and see how he made the contempt of court, “Memon is being executed because he has no political support…..he is being executed because he is a Muslim.”

But Prof Rakesh Sinha shut Owaisi’s mouth elegantly. Prof Sinha rightly said Owaisi that his ancestors were of Hindu religion. Owaisi might never accept this but reality cannot be denied.

Prof Sinha said that “Your great great grandfather was a Brahmin of Hyderabad. Religious conversion doesn’t change your nationality, history, ancestors”.





Vikrant Raj