We should ask all those shameless nut head politicians to fall on this poor man”™s feet!

Every year after Independence Day celebrations there will be some idiots from political party who would have insulted the National Flag by either hoisting upside down or hoisting it without the Ashoka Chakra, But here we have 2 unique shameless idiots both from Congress party who have shamed our flag in different ways!

Firstly I ask at what age did we all learn to sing Indian National Anthem?? If am not wrong, we have been singing since the age of 6 at least. Well here is a Congress Politician from Kerala who cannot sing National Anthem. He sings with all wrong lyrics and sequence, laughs and thinks it”™s funny.

Another incident comes from Shimoga district in Karnataka, where the congress office has hoisted the National Flag placing it in a DUST BIN. Yes, they did not find a decent place on earth to hoist the flag.

It”™s not their fault… it”™s our fault that we have elected such shameless creatures as our leaders.


This poor man has no money or power but has dignity and love towards the country. He has the pride of being an Indian which obviously our politicians do not have. They don”™t even deserve to be called Indians.

Aishwarya S