Assam teacher alleges she was forced to eat beef and convert to Islam but no outrage by liberals

A teacher in Assam’s Morigaon district has made severe allegations against her seniors. She says two of her senior colleagues forced her to eat beef and convert to Islam. The matter hasn’t been entertained by the media at all because it doesn’t care about the harassment Hindus suffer. Also, our media will probably shut down shop before highlighting any news that portrays Islam in bad light.

The teacher, who is a resident of Sonapur in Kamrup district, had written to Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. She wrote saying that her complaints to the block education officer and to the Deputy Commissioner were ignored. But thankfully, after writing to the two leaders, the issue is being look into. Morigaon Deputy Commissioner Hamen Das said that two inquiries have been ordered into the allegations.

“We have asked the Inspector of Schools to carry out an academic probe regarding the teacher whether she is regular or not. We have also asked the Superintendent of Police to inquire into the allegations about forcing her to eat beef and for conversion. We are taking the matter seriously as the allegations are of criminal nature,” he said.

The teacher said that she has stopped going to school for quite some time due to fear and mental pressure. She made further allegations: “Initially I took it very lightly as I thought the situation will improve. However, the situation turned from bad to worse. A senior colleague of mine continuously asked me to convert to Islam and marry him. When I complained to the head teacher, he also supported him. The head teacher and his wife who lives nearby also forced me to eat beef.”

“When I complained to the School Management Committee, several members of the committee also rebuked me saying that I have been trying to malign the image of the head teacher and the other teacher,” she added.

An inquiry is essential in the matter to know the truth, but had this been a case of a Muslim being forced to abide by some Hindu ritual then the media would have gone berserk. Without any information the media would have blasted ‘extremist Hindus’ and claimed that ‘fascism’ is on the rise. But here they’re quiet. Even after the inquiries the Muslims are found to be guilty, our media will still not run the news. An example of how the media systematically targets Hindus was seen recently in the case of the murder of GauriLankesh. Even though her own tweets and her brother suggested that she’d had a falling out with her comrades, and there was news that she was investigating corruption of the Siddaramaiah government, the media hinted at right-wingers and ‘fascist’ forces committing the crime. On seeing how Hindus are blatantly abused and murdered in the some parts of the country and how the media almost unanimously vilifies Hinduism, it almost seems as if Hindus are a minority in the country.

Vinayak Jain


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