The Atheist who turned into Communist; Why Kamal Haasan hates the colour Saffron?

This actor who received laurels from all over the world for his unique style of acting has decided to change his profession. Yes, the day is not far away from seeing Kamal Haasan joining his hands together to beg for votes in front of the public. Definitely he will make promises to the voters but time only will tell whether those promises will be fulfilled. And this iota of doubt is just because of his controversial statement.

“For me, it was an educational tour. Left leaders are my heroes. I have been in films for the past 40 years. Everybody knows about my colour. Definitely, it would not be saffron”. This was the statement given out by Kamal Haasan after meeting the Kerala CM Vijayan and his family.

Left leaders are Kamal’s heroes!!! But how can he forget that they brutally kill others?
Till date, Mr Haasan was calling himself an atheist. Now, he has revealed that his colour is not saffron. So what does this indicate? Is he saying that he won’t associate himself with a party that supports Hinduism?

Meanwhile, he has turned a blind eye to the brutality carried out by the left leaders. Recently, a video had emerged which clearly showed how the leftist threaten the RSS workers in Kerala. But sadly, Mr Haasan found them as his inspiration.

Is Kamal Haasan anti-Hindu?

This atheist Haasan, whose colour is not saffron, was normally seen hurting Hindu sentiments. He said that a woman was gambled away in the epic Mahabharatha but Indians respect that book. So being an atheist, he took keen interest in targeting Hinduism. Later, PIL was filed against Kamal Haasan for hurting Hindu sentiments.

He took the liberty of insulting Mahabharatha that was respected by crores of Indians and even the foreigners. Has he commented on any “outdated and primitive practises” of other religion?

This was the first meet that took place between Vijayan and Kamal Haasan after he became the CM. Later on, Kamal also added that “I would like to be amidst the issues, but I don’t want to lean to any side. People’s problems are more important than power’’.

To be a leader, especially in India, he should manage to bind the people of all religion but Mr Haasan even before stepping into the politics has hurt the feelings of Hindus. How can he forget the brutal murders done by CM Vijayan’s party in Kerala?

Even in a film, Mr Kamal has included scenes and songs that reeked of anti-Brahminism and anti-Hinduism. It has become a trend to hurt Hindu sentiments so that their career in politics would rise. Even Mr Hamid Ansari had given out a controversial statement on the eve of his completion of the tenure as vice-president.

However it clearly seems that he wanted to appease a certain brigade by stressing on his “colour”. Now that his colour is not saffron, which party will he join? Will he embrace the “left” that openly takes part in political murders or Congress that hates Hindus or will he float his own party?

How Kamal Haasan is sure that his colour is not saffron, even we are sure that he won’t uphold democracy.

Nishika Ram