Do ATMs Have Religion? Are Muslim ATMs Suffering Under Modi Government?

Since PM Modi announced Demonetization on 8th November, we have heard various Anti-Demonetization statements from Opposition as well as Alliance parties. Extreme love for Common people has suddenly arisen in everyone’s heart. Some mourned for the people dying due to standing in queues while some fretted over unsafe cashless transactions of Digital India in the wake of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle having been hacked. But this one beats them all….Have you heard of the religions of ATMs? Yes, there are Hindu ATMS and Muslim ATMs. Muslim ATMs are suffering under Modi Govt.

MP Asaduddin Owasi makes no bones about Muslim appeasement!  His focus is entirely on Muslim Vote-bank. He eyes only the Assembly seats with the domination of Muslim population for contesting. The name of his Hyderabad based party says it all….AIMIM- All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.

In his efforts to woo Muslims, Owasi goes overboard in his statements. In May, 2016, he raised the controversy by saying that the patriotic slogan ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ was against Islam. His brother and a member of AIMIM, Akbaruddin Owasi delivers even more derogatory speeches full of communal hatred.

On 9th November, Barrister Owasi gave a statement saying that the Government destroyed Public money by Demonetization. On 23rd November, Owasi criticized Modi Govt  for flaunting the huge positive response of Indians on the survey conducted on Narendra Modi App saying it couldn’t be the voice of the country with 40 crore illiterates. But his recent statement on Demonetization beats all his previous statements.

Since demonetization, there has been a competition between London educated Barrister Asaduddin Owasi and IITian Aravind Kejriwal for delivering the dumbest statements. But Owasi scored a clear winning point over Kejriwal in saying that ATMs have religions too. Recently, in his habitual Muslim appeasement style, Owasi said that ATMs in Muslim populated areas are not filled with cash. Giving him the benefit of doubt, let’s check the authenticity of Owasi’s allegation.

There are around 2 lakh ATMs in India. Almost 95% ATMs have been recalibrated to accept and dispense new currency notes. But only 35% of the recalibrated ATMs are operational because banks are routing cash to their own branches to meet the requirement of their customers instead of making cash available at ATMs.  So, the reason for the cash crisis at ATMs can’t be religion-based.

Let’s find out the financial policies of the Govt with regard to Minorities. As per the Priority Sector Lending Guidelines by the Reserve Bank of India, Muslims, being Minority are given preference for the sanctions of loans in the Public Sector banking. 15% of the Total lending amount is reserved for Muslims. The districts with 25% Minority population are given priority for lending.

The following figures prove that the loan amount for Muslims has been substantially increased in the current year. By the end of 31st March, 2016, Rs 2,76,000Cr have been sanctioned to Muslims.

Year No. of Minorities Amount of Loan (Rs)
2013-14 21318 202Cr
2014-15 25,731 244 Cr
2015-16 20643 310 Cr


Modi Govt has doubled the budget for NMDFC (National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation) from Rs 1500 Cr to Rs 3000 Cr. NMDFC aims at providing concessional finance for self-employment activities for Muslims with a family income below double the poverty line.

Staunch Muslims do not avail banking services as collecting interest on deposits is against Islam. To financially include these sections of Indian society that remained excluded due to religious reasons, RBI has announced on exploring Interest-free Islamic Banking in its annual report for 2015-16.

Is the self-acclaimed Messiah of Muslims, Asaduddin Owasi ignorant of all this data of Banking and   Finance Section in favor of Minority Community? Do Muslims really succumb to the lies spread by such politicians who use them to heft up their politics?

Demonetization has definitely inconvenienced Common people. No denying that. But Indians know that Demonetization was not implemented with the sole purpose of inconveniencing them. Demonetization has already achieved its goal of controlling Terror activities. Kashmir has returned to normalcy as Separatists are not able to pay the Stone Pelters for disruption. Maoists are surrendering due to Cash crunch. Jan Dhan Account holders and bankers used in illegal exchange of demonetized cash have come under scrutiny of IT department and Police. Black money hoarders who successfully exchanged thousands of crore rupees by illegal means are raided everyday by Police. Corrupt parties thriving on Hawala money are pulling back from contesting Elections.

And if Asaduddin Owasi is feeling the brunt of Demonetization too, well, we Indians know why!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi