The Attack on ‘Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems Workshop’ by Left Ideologist!

While almost every Bharatiya believes that we have a rich heritage of knowledge and knowledge systems, very few actually know these systems. When the Britishers colonized us, they hit at our roots by setting a new education system which was very different from the Gurukul system which we followed through the ages. While calling it the ‘Modern’ system of education, they taught us a distorted version of our history. Also, since they were yet to discover many facets of science, astronomy and mathematics, they thought that the rest of the world had not discovered them either. Here started the enslavement of our mind. The result was that we started believing that if we did not follow our ‘formal’ education as devised by the Britishers and the Western World, we were not educated at all.

This meant that our ancient knowledge was now obscured from our sight by only referring to the inventions and findings made by the Western world. When generations of Indians learnt through this new system of education, we started believing in the LIES that our civilization was great because of Aryans – Whites who came from Europe, that Gravity was discovered by Newton, that we were heathens whose rituals and beliefs were based on superstition, and many such untruths. The ancient Varna system was now the hated Caste system, our Prajatantra was believed as way below a ‘Democracy’ & our dependence on use of renewable resources and preservation of perishable natural resources was lost forever. The ‘freedom’ that we got from the British did nothing to ensure that our minds became free. Even 70 years after our Independence we are still dependent on the education system started by the British, our economy and financial systems are still controlled by the Western World and we are still struggling to come out of the ‘developing country’ tag. Contrast this to the fact that till the 18th Century India alone contributed about 25% of the world’s GDP while the combined share of the UK and the US was just 2%.

It is a universal fact that the tallest tree in the forest is the one with the deepest roots; it is also a fact that the tree stands tall till these roots are nourished. Our roots are our heritage, our Sanskriti; because of the blessings of our ancient scientists – our Rishis, these roots are deeper than that of any other civilization in the world. If we want Bharat to stand tall once again, we need to nourish these roots. But how do we do this if we do not know anything about the root itself? There is now an urgent need to revisit our ancient knowledge systems to wake our masses from the stupor they are in. Instead of the society which encouraged Entrepreneurship and Discovery, we have become a society targeted towards making our people Servitors. This rush to become engineers, doctors, bank employees, etc., all are because we just want to get a job in any industry and earn a comfortable living. Even the so-called businessmen are mainly just traders or part of the service industry. We have forgotten all about contemplation, research, skill building and entrepreneurship. If we want a resurgent India, first we have to light this spark and for that there is no better fuel than rediscovering our ancient past. The 7 day Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems workshop at IIT, Mumbai aimed at just that – making us get acquainted with the roots of our knowledge systems, our heritage. At this workshop, we were to be introduced to the 4 Vedas (Rgveda, Yajurveda, Saamveda, Atharvaveda), the 6 Vedangas (Shiksha, Vyakaran, Nirukta, Chhanda, Kalpa & Jyotisha), the 6 Upangas or Darshan Shastras (Mimansa, Vaisheshika,Nyaya, Yoga, Sankhya & Vedanta) and the 4 Upavedas (Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda & Shilpaveda). Acharya Ravindra of the Navnirman Yojana was the main Speaker.

Instead of supporting and rejoicing on such an event, the workshop turned out to be one which had hurdles all the way. First, the workshop was officially cancelled at the last minute because of apparent protests by some staff members who objected to the lectures. But because all the speakers and the participants had turned up from all over the country, it was held as a series of interactive talks. It was very upsetting to the organizers and the participants to be made aware of the fact that the session could not be held in any official classroom. Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants to learn, the organizers decided to hold it in a temple in Powai in an open environment.

You would have thought that a temple could be a place of learning. But NO !!! Our temples cannot be places of learning if you go by the diktat of some so-called ‘well-wishers’. They objected to ‘pseudo-sciences’ like astrology, gou-vigyaan and ‘unproved’ information in the Vedas being taught in the name of Knowledge Systems. Now before you come to the conclusion that some real scientists would have objected to the talks based on the above, you should know that it was people from an NGO who arrived at this conclusion that what was being discussed was ‘pseudo-science’. The day these ‘stalwarts’ came to listen to the talks, Astronomy in our Jyotish Skand, a school of Vedangas, was being discussed. Readers should know that Jyotish here does not mean Astrology because Astrology as is being dealt with today, as making horoscopes, soothsaying, etc. is not Vedic at all. But our ancient scientists – our Rishis had made precise calculations of units of time from Truti (smallest unit) to Kalpa and Yugas. The speaker  was explaining how Surya Siddhanta by Mayacharya listed accurate calculations, places of the sun, moon and other planets, eclipses and the motion of the planets and their retrograde movements too. Arya Bhatta 1 in 2765 BC or 360 KE had written treatises on Maths, Astronomy and Numerical Code. When King Jaisimha in Shalivahana Shakha SS 1653 made the Jantar Mantars to showcase various Astronomical and Time calculations, he was just basing them on these ancient texts. Now given all this, the ‘knowledgeable’ people found all this talk as ‘pseudo-science’ and objected to the talks being held anywhere in a Modern Educational Institution like IIT.

They also went ahead and got this workshop trashed in various news dailies like the Hindustan Times, the Indian Express, Mumbai Mirror, etc. all of which did not do any research before they published this denouncement. View –

If readers think that this is a one-off event, I would like to inform you that Mumbai University had held an event in January 2015 – The Indian Science Congress. Here too, ‘knowledgeable’ persons had opposed the Congress and had it wrapped up before time. As usual, leading dailies also gave the news that ‘pseudo sciences’ were being popularized by Mumbai University and that Saffronization of the educational institutions was taking place. View – … Also read the replies – they tell a different story altogether.

Is going back to our pasts to learn from it Saffronization? If that is so, why are more than 70 Universities and Colleges in U.S.A. having subjects which teach about Ancient Indian Sciences and Knowledge Systems? Why is learning of Sanskrit – a language of Sanatan Gods being taught so enthusiastically all over Europe? Why is Dev Bhasha Sanskrit being used to improve the ability of Computers and in developing Artificial Intelligence? Why are Germans so interested in our Vimaan Shastras (the text which deals with Aerial Crafts) and the 58 metals written in these books? The reason is simple…. These ancient texts of our contain wisdom which is beyond our present understanding of science and mathematics. The Westerners have understood this truth and are looking for ways to exploit this knowledge. But at the same time they do NOT want us to rediscover them.

Our slave mentality has crept into our thinking so much that we feel that if there is something good in ourselves, it has to be offered to the Westerners and not use it ourselves to uplift ourselves! Our twisted education system has made us believe that we are good only to serve others and that our culture and heritage is heathen and regressive. And we have enough number of people who for some money are willing to sell their country and shame its ancient heritage. In fact they will go to any extent to prevent our own nationals from rediscovering our true wealth of knowledge. But these very people will work hard to smuggle or sell our ancient texts, artifacts and sculptures abroad. These ‘buddhi jeevis’ will show our Devi Maa as a ‘prostitute’ in an educational institute like JNU but will stop us from exploring our ancient texts for knowledge in institutes like IIT. When the common man uses Social Media to expose such people, they are harassed and called as ‘Sanghis’ or ‘Bhakts’. What more, they don’t even blink when they falsely blame the BJP & RSS even if they had nothing to do with such scholarly events. What do you think should be done to these ‘Slave Mentality’ people who are Whites within but having Brown Skins on the outside?

Should the younger generation be encouraged to learn from our ancient texts & contemplate on them, or should they only be exposed to an education system which only talks about Western discoveries? Has the time come for us to be proud of our ancient knowledge systems without apologizing for it? Or should we still remain enslaved mentally? A humble request – Be part of the movement which encourages all Bharatiyas (irrespective of religion) to rediscover their ancient heritage and its treasures. Be ‘Swa-tantra’ not just ‘Swaa-dheen’ (check out the difference yourself) !

Jai Hind !!!

Rati Hegde