Attack on Hindus and Sikhs continues! Radicals in Pakistan demolish historical Guru Nanak Palace

In several of the Islamic nations surrounding India, the situation of minorities is pathetic. For example, in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are leading a miserable life. At one end, these governments don’t give any special provisions to the minorities, as provided by the Indian government to religious minorities. At another end, several radical Islamic groups carry out several attacks against the minorities. Months ago, the abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls had stunned the world community.

Now the radicals have demolished centuries-old Guru Nanak Palace. After carrying out this heinous act, the radicals sold precious windows, doors and ventilators of the palace. This historic palace had several pictures associated with Sikhism and its founders. Along with it, the radicals demolished even the pictures of several Hindu rulers and princes found in the palace.

The Guru Nanak Palace, which was built over 400 years ago, had 16 massive rooms. A local resident, Muhammad Aslam said that the palace was very holy yo Sikhs stating “This old building is called the Palace of Baba Guru Nanak and we have named it Mahalan. A number of Sikhs from across the world, including India, used to visit this building”.

What is shocking is that all these attack against minorities have the indirect backing of Pakistan authorities. Revealing about this, a local named Muhammad Ashraf said “The auqaf department was informed about the demolition of the building by some influential persons, but no officer or official took any action or even reached here”. He added “Three storeys of the building have already been demolished and new houses constructed. The influentials have demolished the building with the connivance of the auqaf department and sold its costly windows, doors, ventilators and wood”.

This is not the first time where Sikh and the Hindu religious places were attacked and demolished. Evidence proves that several Temples and Gurudwaras faced similar fate since partition.


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