Augusta Westland Scam! Christian Michel, the prime link in the chopper scam will soon be extradited to India?

The Relationship between “Congress & Italy and Scams” has always been an amazing one indeed. Well, each of us know the illustration to this relationship,Don’t you?? Here’s another scam to be soon knocked down by India and PM Modi Government .

Christian Michel who has been under detention for over a month in Dubai has now filed for bail in a Dubai court. The bail plea will be heard this weekend when the public prosecutor will represent India’s case against Michel. Now the question which struck our minds, Will alleged middleman in the AgustaWestland scam Christian Michel escape that easy??

As per reports from the Topmost sources of the Investigative Agencies: All documents pertaining to the case has already been submitted and in fact, UAE authorities have expressed satisfaction. Sources in the government say that the Dubai public prosecutor is working closely with the Indian authorities.

Previously, The Central government had approached authorities in Dubai for the extradition of Christian Michel, who is one of the alleged middlemen in the Rs 3,600 Crore “AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal case”. Michel was detained in Dubai some weeks ago.

The UAE over the last few years and particularly since PM Narendra Modi’s first visit there in 2015, has emerged as a key security partner of India in the Gulf region.

According to the statement of a Top source in the Investigative Agency, “Evidences were submitted last year. Another set of evidences were also given a few months ago. Misinformation is being spread by the lawyers that no evidence has been submitted so far”.

“We have had no communication regarding the bail hearing. This in fact would be handled by the Ministry of External Affairs,” said a source in the Enforcement Directorate. This statement concluded that the Indian officials are confidential about the bail hearing. 

Top government sources indicate that the negotiations regarding Christian Michel extradition case are no longer restricted to the investigative agencies. “In fact, India is going to push hard for the extradition during the hearing today. So far there has been a positive response from UAE as well. But since it is a legal matter, India will go by the process and oppose bail to the middleman,” said a government source.

Michel has been staying in Dubai for the past five years to avoid arrest by the Italian police. Senior officials of both the countries are in regular touch for his extradition to India. And this finally seems to be happening in favor of India and the Congress seems to be loosing the battle again.

The police in Dubai detained Michel on the basis of a ‘red corner notice’ issued by the Interpol over his alleged role in the VVIP helicopter scam. The scandal rocked India in 2013 when documents and testimonies before an Italian court pointed to Michel’s role in the scandal and his alleged political links in India. Without second thoughts, the political party is “Congress”.

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