Average annual income of Indian MLAs Rs 24.59 lakh but Karnataka MLAs richest with Rs 1.1 Crore

The relationship between money making and Politicians has always been a close one. Apart from the usual Annual Income that they receive, a little money making is a must for every politician. And this applies to only those cheating self ethics. Some of those do run a genuine business, while the others choose the path of Corruption, depends on one’s own choice.

According to Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) Analysis, the average yearly income of Indian MLAs is Rs 24.59 lakh. While Karnataka MLAs are the highest earning with Rs 1.1 crore those from the country’s eastern region have an annual average income of Rs 8.5 lakh.

Maharashtra’s 256 MLAs have an average annual income of Rs 43.4 lakh. According to the latest report by the ADR, MLAs from Chhattisgarh have the lowest annual income at Rs 5.4 lakh, while those from the southern region have declared the highest average annual income at Rs 51.99 lakh.

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Not necessary that State matters on the amount of Annual Income of MLAs or politicians, but yes the Government ruled there does matter. The amount the money made under the particular Government is counted while spoken about a particular MLA. The Government or the political party he/she represents also makes a count.

Interestingly, a whopping 33%- 1052 MLAs have disclosed their educational qualification between standard five and 12 and disclosed an average income of Rs 31.03 lakh. On the contrary, MLAs with educational qualification of graduates and above have an annual income of Rs 20.87 lakh. While MLAs who declared themselves 8th pass have an annual average income of Rs 89.88 lakh, the ones illiterate have a ‘self-income’ of Rs 9.31 lakh- the report, a copy of which has been made available on the ADR website, says.

When asked why less-educated MLAs are earning more than those with college and professional degrees, ADR founder-member Jagdeep Chhokar said higher educational level is not necessarily a grantor of higher income. One may find ways to earn from various disclosed and also undisclosed sources. Not many of them are open about it.

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Prof Chhokar said many high-income MLAs declared agriculture as their profession.”This is largely because agricultural income is tax-free and they don’t have to explain where their income has come from,”he said.

The ADR analysis shows MLAs engaged in Business or agriculture had an annual average income of Rs 57.81 Lakh. MLAs in real estate Buisness or acting and filmaking, who together comprised 1% of the total MLAs analysed, had an average Annual Income of Rs 39 Lakh and Rs 28 Lakh respectively.

Out of all these MLAs, N Nagaraju representing Bangalore (Rural), declared an highest Annual income of Rs 157.04 Crore, while the MLA with lowest Annual Income of Rs 1,301 was B Yamini Bala from Andhra Pradesh.

According to the report, only 8% out of 258 of the total number of sitting MLAs in the country are women. While the male MLAs boast of an annual self-income of Rs 25.85 lakh, for the women MLAs, it is Rs 10.53 lakh.

Source: Timesnow news

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