Award Wapsi was not spontaneous but politically motivated : Former Sahitya Akademi chief reveals after 3 years!

Finally, three years after the award wapsi drama, obvious has been revealed by none other than the former Sahitya Academy chief Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari. It was during 2015, a group of people who called themselves liberals and seculars started a campaign called Award Wapsi claiming intolerance in the country under Narendra Modi government and returned their awards.

This Award Wapsi was started after an incident where a Muslim cow smuggler was attacked and killed in Uttar Pradesh. The Congress which was in a pathetic state of losing every elections wanted an issue to create a perception in the minds of people that under Modi government, the minorities were not safe. They so thought that the entire drama would help them in the Bihar elections which was just months away. So, a bunch of so-called intellects started terming India intolerant and gave back their award as a sign of protest for killing a Muslim man. But these so-called liberals who had not spoken a word against the atrocities of Kashmiri Pandits, not spoken a word against Sikh Genocide, not spoken a word against those criminals who destroyed our Amar Jawan Jyoti during Azad Maidan violence, not spoken a word against Pakistan when our soldiers were being killed on a daily basis were on roads for an isolated incident protecting a cow smuggler.

Those people who knew the functioning of Congress and their dirty games had perfectly guessed that this entire episode of Award Wapsi was not spontaneous but an orchestrated drama which was directed by the Congress for their political gains.

But the paid media was busy giving them 24/7 publicity claiming that Hindus were intolerant and ignored the real scenario behind it. But now after 3 years, finally the man Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari who was the Chief of Sahitya Academy has claimed that he has evidence to prove that the Award Wapsi was a politically motivated campaign organised by Marxist writers and Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi to defame the government in the run-up to the Bihar assembly election.

Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari in his book called ‘The truth of award-wapsi and the hypocrisy behind it’, has revelled the dark truths of Award Wapsi gang which under the instructions of politicians maligned the entire country in the global platform.

He says that the campaign was headed by three groups of writers – those who had a personal hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, friends of those who wanted to defame the government and a group of 25 writers who were seeking publicity for themselves.

“I have evidence to prove award wapsi was not spontaneous but an organised effort led by five writers, many of whom were holding anti-Modi Sabhas even before he came to power,” wrote Tiwari, who headed the Akademi at the time. Vajpeyi, he alleged, started the movement “only because of personal reasons and hatred against Modi, the Akademi and Tiwari himself”. Economic Times

Tiwari has also published the text messages he had received during the campaign pressurizing him and others to join the fake Award Wapsi drama.

“Liberty of individuals is the biggest strength we have in times like these. But it is also a dangerous weapon. There was significant intellectual dishonesty in the award wapsi campaign, which from the start was only to make a political point,” Tiwari wrote. Economic Times

He said that in November that year many members of the campaign, including Virendra Yadav, Akhilesh and Kashinath Singh, celebrated Lalu Prasad’s victory in Bihar election at a Kathakaram event in Lucknow

Tiwari also said that Kashinath Singh had refused to give away the award.

The irony is he did not return the award that UP government gave him, despite the fact that Dadri, where Akhlak’s lynching took place, was in UP. Even more ironical is that there were some writers who happily accepted awards during the emergency but cried intolerance in 2015,

He also said that the next year, on July 20, 2016, the same writers met at JD (U) leader KC Tyagi’s house in a meeting with Nitish Kumar. “They had a mental block in their minds against the Centre right from the beginning which they expressed as intolerance. In reality, it was their intolerance to the democratic mandate that was striking,” he said.

Tiwari said that he wrote the book to reveal the real face of the so-called “champions of free speech.’ Tiwari also accused Vajpeyi of repeatedly hiding the fact that the Akademi had hosted a big prayer meeting for the Kannada writer MM Kalburgi in Bengaluru. He said he had also approached the executive council of the Akademi about demands for his resignation and that some writers were upset there was no prayer meeting held for Kalburgi in Delhi. “They refused to even entertain the suggestion saying Delhi is not India and that the Akademi had anyway organised a huge prayer meeting for the writer in Bengaluru and other places,” he said. He also wrote that Vajpeyi’s problem with the Akademi started from the day the ministry and the institution four years ago refused to associate with Vajpeyi’s Raza Foundation for an event. Economic Times

Now, it is very clear and evident that Award Wapsi was an pre motivated gimmick of the shameless Tukde Tukde gang which is well known to support terrorists while maligning India for their political gains. Not to forget, the Naxals synthesizers are the ones who had even organised the Bhima Koregaon violence and had planned to assassinate Narendra Modi which was revealed by the Maharashtra ATS and police recently.

Question is will Rahul Gandhi and his mother come out and apologize to the Nation for backing these fake artists who insulted India and Indians with their fake narrative.

Credit: Economic Times

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