Be aware! Speak against Pakistan or Kejriwal, be prepared to lose your social media account!

Last time when we were bombarded with the ranting on ‘Freedom of Speech’, it was about the freedom to express Anti-national slogans like “Bharat ki Barbaadi tak jung rahegi”,”Bharat tere tukde honge Inshaah Allah Inshaah Allah” and so on. The advocates of ‘Freedom of Speech’ were our very own Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Barkha Dutt . NDTV stood in solidarity with these good for nothing JNU leftist students and helped them screech to their heart’s content as to how their voice was being suppressed by Nationalist ‘Internet Hindus’! The brutal fact is that, in India, the voice of Nationalists gets brutally killed on Social Media all the time! A few days back, Twitter account of a fearless Nationalist called Sonam Mahajan was suspended for exposing anti-national forces!

Twitter India Head, Raheel Khurshid, A Kashmiri Muslim has a bad reputation in suspending Popular and Influential Right Wing Nationalists Twitter handles every now and then.  Having abducted a plum position in Twitter, Raheel Khursheed behaves like an accomplice to all the Anti-nationals. He chooses to suspend the influential Twitter Handles that have huge active Followers. Sonam Mahajan @AsYouNotWish has been one of the prominent ‘Whistle Blowers’ on Twitter exposing the Paid Media, Islamist Terror Sympathizers and Pseudo-Liberals.  Her explosive tweets have been a nightmare for this nexus. Her well-researched and informative tweets loaded with sarcasm and humor have been a treat for her followers. This fierce and fearless Beauty with brains is just unstoppable! And hence Raheel Khurshid came to the rescue of Anti-National Nexus by suspending her account.

Sonam’s last tweet exposed Dangal-Child actor Zaira Wasim’s mother’s love for Pakistan and hate for India. Within no time, Zaira’s mother Zarqa Wasim deleted all her anti-national posts on Facebook and here, Sonam Mahajan’s Twitter account was suspended. Here is a screenshot of her tweet.

Sonam had anticipated a suspension of her Twitter account as she had been exposing Twitter CM Kejriwal quite meticulously.

The devious suspension of Sonam’s Twitter Account created quite a furor on Social Media. Many noted personalities from the fields of Politics, Media and Art raised their voice collectively as a protest against this unethical action of Twitter. Thousands of common people voiced their opinions with the hashtag of #BringBackSonamMahajan

After suspension of her Twitter account, Sonam  Mahajan opened a new account with the handle @iSonamMahajan. Twitter India shamelessly suspended this new account too. Why is Twitter India scared of Sonam Mahajan? Whom is it protecting? Whose orders is it following? It is not the first time Twitter is suspending the accounts of nationalists, first it was Madhur Kishwar, Paresh Rawal fan, @IbrahimTasleem, all supporters of Modi government. Surprisingly few days back a handle named @Aap_Lal had revealed many shocking inside stories about Kejriwal social media games, where he was promised to pay huge amount for tweets and trends on Twitter, but was cheated later and was threatened to expose Ankit Lal and Kejriwal. But within 2 days his account was suspended.

So is the Twitter India CEO Raheel Khrusheed individually monitoring all handles that raise questions against his favourite Kejriwal and Pakistan???

The truth is that Twitter India is being sabotaged by a stooge of the Nexus of Pro-Pakistan and Terror Sympathizing pseudo-Liberals. It is no more a platform for all Patriotic Indians to use their Freedom of Speech. Those Crass and abusive Trolls like Arvind Kejriwal belonging to the above Nexus, need not worry! Pro-Pakistani tweeple are safe on Twitter India! If anyone, PM Modi should worry about his Twitter Account. After all, he belongs to the Group of Right Wing Patriotic club!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi