Is ‘Ayodhya’ the main reason why Congress and Left parties want CJI Misra impeached?

Two weeks back, the Nation witnessed an unprecedented development when 4 judges of the Supreme Court went to media and complained about the functioning of the judiciary.

It was the first time in history that the Supreme Court judges went public even before they spoke among themselves to resolve issues. In any circumstance, if judiciary faces any problem or misunderstanding, the most appropriate thing to do was to go to the President of India. But somehow the 4 judges decided to jump into public to shame the highest institution of India.

Although this looked a mere fight between the judges, the issue was much bigger. The first indication came after Left party leader D Raja met Justice Chelameswar at his residence immediately after the press meet. This raised a lot of speculations about the real intentions of the judges. It is very well known that Congress and left parties are desperately worried about the 2019 elections. They have been trying all means to project Modi government as intolerant, communal and biased. They have literally used all machinery from media to intellects, seculars and liberals to depict that democracy was in danger under Modi government and malign the government.

The judges sudden press meet seemed like an orchestrated drama to rack up 2 issues which may turn decisive during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. One is Justice Loya death case and the other is Ram Janma Bhoomi verdict.  If these two verdicts can be turned in favour of Congress, then it would be a massive blow to BJP.


Justice Loya was the same person who was hearing the Shorabuddin encounter case in which Amit Shah was accused of conspiring the encounter. So, if the Congress succeeds in creating a perception that Amit Shah was responsible for Justice Loya’s death, then it will be a huge set back for BJP during a campaign. So the Congress started a fake narrative saying Justice Loya was offered Rs 100 crore by Amit Shah to give him a clean chit, they claimed that after he suffered an heart attack, he was taken in an auto deliberately to waste time, they claimed that there was blood stains on his shirt when brought to hospital.

The same issue was thus raised during the Press meet where one of the judge demanded an investigation on Justice Loya’s death. While the Bombay High Court and Supreme Court had already accepted the PIL on Justice Loya’s death, raising the issue again and again more so looked like a pressurizing tactic by the 4 judges. The big question here was, why were the judges creating a fuss 3 years after Justice Loya’s death? Yes, Justice Loya died in December 2014, but why were the judges silent for 3 years and raising the issue now?!

While the family members of Justice Loya had clearly mentioned that there was no conspiracy in Loya’s death, the judges deliberately created an issue to target Amit Shah. 3 judges who assisted Justice Loya during his last hours had given a written testimony that there was no conspiracy in his death. They had clearly stated, Justice Loya was taken in a car immediately after he complained about chest pain and not in Auto as claimed by Congress. And family also re-confirmed that there was no blood stain on his shirt. So, this looks more like a conspiracy to target Amit Shah!


The next issue is the Ayodhya verdict!

Ram Janma Bhoomi case is something which has been the biggest issue since decades and became a major political game since Babri Masjid demolition in 1992. The case is pending since 25 years and people are now demanding a decision on the case.

Ayodhya issue is such that it has the potential to make or break any political party. Subramanian Swamy has been working on the case and has now made sure that the case will be heard on a daily basis and the verdict will be given in 6 months. The BJP had also claimed in their 2014 manifesto that their government will make sure that Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya. So, the sentiment of people is such that they are now eagerly waiting for Ram temple in Ayodhya.

If the case goes in favour of the Hindus, then BJP will gain massive support and this may also be one of the reason that 2019 elections will be a cake walk for the BJP in the Hindi belt. The construction of Ram temple will also make sure the consolidation of Hindu votes throughout the country which will almost make it impossible for Congress to win the elections. So, the main objective of Congress is to now categorically delay the Ayodhya verdict until 2019 elections. This is exactly what Kapil Sibal argued in the Supreme Court a few months back.

The reason the Congress and the left wants to impeach CJI Misra is because he is the one who is hearing the Ayodhya case and has agreed for day to day hearing and is going to begin in February 2018. So if CJI Misra is impeached before that, the government will have to recommend one of the 4 judges who is in line to be the next CJI. It is then the Congress is said to play games as planned. This is exactly why the judges went to media and blamed CJI Mishra for not taking opinions of the other 4 judges.

So, the 2 games planned by Congress are 1. Is to attack Amit Shah and make him accused in Justice Loya’s death case. 2. Is to stop the Ayodhya verdict until 2019 election to stop Hindu consolidation and BJP gaining high moral ground.

Aishwarya S