The “Azadi” gang and pseudo seculars back on Delhi streets for intolerance part 2!

2 years back Intolerance part 1 was started just before Delhi and Bihar elections just to malign the BJP government and build a fake perception that minorities were targeted under BJP rule. This campaign succeeded to an extent in tagging the BJP government as anti minority which cost them Delhi and Bihar elections.

The fake church attacks and mob lynching was the main weapons the Congress used against BJP. But they did not fight the battle directly, but made the media fight for them. Each and every isolated issues were blown out of proportion, fake incidents were created to support their argument. Fake news was spread about attacks on Muslims. Sagarika Ghose even faced a criminal charge for spreading hatred and violence between communities on fake tweets.

But the biggest blow for the pseudo seculars came after few leftist students in JNU revealed their true intention behind the word secularism in India. The Afzal Guru event organised in remembrance of terrorist Afzal Guru convicted in the 2001 parliament attack woke up the Nation and exposed these pseudo secular elements. This was followed by repeated attacks on the Indian army and the Anti India slogans which literally decimated the pseudo liberal gangs in the Nation.

Now, they have no takers, so they need a better idea to again bring back the debate from Nationalism to mob lynch, minority attack and communal politics, because this is the only way they can malign Modi government which has clean image and huge popularity. They first twisted a fight between few men in a train over seat sharing issue and gave it communal colours. But they failed miserably as the family issued statement slamming media for spreading FAKE stories.

They started a campaign today called #NotInMyName (a completely out of sync tag which the common people have no clue about) and started tweeting incidents related to mob lynch. But what these people forgot was the biggest mob lynching incident was in Kashmir where the separatists gang attacked a DySP Mohammed Ayub Pandit and stoned him to death after they shot 2 rounds of fire.

The NDTV and few other media tried to twist the story again and tried to protect the terror supporters who were chanting pro Pakistani slogans after they killed the police man.

Since everything failed, now they started an online campaign and asked all the pseudo seculars and liberal gang to join for a protest in Jantar Mantar which turned out to be a FLOP SHOW!

The trend they created more so exposed the fake stories rather than building the narrative!

Take a look!

Aishwarya S