Azam Khan threatens to blow up a University Guest House


There definitely must be a lot of frustration for being catapulted out of power the way Azam Khan was after the recent Uttar Pradesh polls. The dominant reign as a minister in the government came to an abrupt end and that won’t please anyone, especially someone like Azam Khan.

But that frustration seems to have reached a boiling point. And now it’s coming out in the form of obnoxious threats. The Samajwadi Party leader threatened to blow up a guest house in Jauhar University if anyone tried to lay a hand on it.

The whole episode began when UP minister of state Baldev Singh Aulakh expressed his desire to hold a Janta Darbar in a guest house located on the premises of the varsity which is owned by the SP leader.

A few months earlier, allegations of irregularities had been raised about the construction of the university with demands been made to launch a probe into its functioning, income and expenditure. Aulakh said that the university was constructed using government funds, and so no one had the right to stop him from holding a Janta Darbar in its guest house.

It was in reply to this comment Azam Khan made the absurd threat. At a meeting of party workers, he said, “The guest house in the Jauhar University would be blown up using dynamite if anybody attempted to lay a hand on any part of the institution.”

In response to this threat, the UP minister said that a probe must be launched to determine what arms he possesses. Aulakh further said that this matter would be brought to the notice of CM Yogi Adityanath.

All that the UP minister asked was to conduct a Janta Darbar at the place, but Azam Khan’s reaction is one of utter surprise. It seems he’s afraid of a probe being launched into the construction of the guest house.

It is amazing that the media didn’t give any attention to this threat. On the other hand, if a BJP leader had said something similar, then the media would have bit his head off. Judging from Azam Khan’s reaction, clearly there’s something that he’s hiding.

– Vinayak Jain