“Baap hamesha baap hotha hai”; Afghanistani trolls Pakistan in style and supports India

We had seen Pakistan cheerleaders dancing in Kashmir after England was defeated by Pakistan. But now their happiness has vanished all of a sudden because India is into the finals and these separatists may know what the result of the finals will be. And to add on that, Sunday is celebrated as father’s day and the social networking sites are getting all excited. All the weekend plans are cancelled and no one will move out of the house as they will stick onto their TV sets.

Most hilarious response was that, a Afghani person humiliated Pakistan saying “Baap Baap hotha hai,Beta beta hotha hai”. This response came when the Aaj Tak TV reporter asked who will win the Champions Trophy final. Afghani national also said that Bangladesh is the grandson and mentions that these nations are emerged from India.

Even in twitter the victory of India against Bangla was celebrated by royally trolling Pakistan and Bangladesh. Indian team is cruising ahead with the confidence as it had restricted Pakistan just for 164 in the previous battle; it is interesting to see as to what will be Pakistan’s strategy. Sunday’s match is more than a cricket match. The match has turned into a patriotic battle between the 2 nations and few India’s urge to defeat Pakistan and humiliate it once again.

Watch the video in which an Afghani trolled Pakistan:


See how the Twitterati trolled Pakistan:




Source: satyavijayi.com

Rajat Bhandary