Baba Ramdev’s Enlightening Words on Management!

Just recently at a conclave sponsored by India Today, we saw two very energetic figures come face to face. One was a young rising star from the film industry and the other was an experienced Deshbhakt, Yogi, Entrepreneur … someone you can’t fit into a restrictive description. And the meeting was one which laid bare the reasons why Patanjali has now become a brand which every child in India recognizes and which has management Gurus in a spin trying to recreate the success story. Yes, Baba Ramdev emerged as the true Superstar in this encounter.

A brief introduction to Baba Ramdev first – When the television media started having shows on fitness, religion and spirituality, Baba Ramdev seized the opportunity with both hands and started teaching Yoga on T.V. By just encouraging viewers to learn how to do the Pranayam properly, he got lakhs of people hooked on to doing the Anulom-Vilom every morning. By showing off his flexibility and by doing the head-stand (Shirsasan) along with the mind-boggling rotation of his stomach, he got people excited about doing Yoga. He did that which slim and beautiful actresses could not do with their CDs & DVDs on fitness and Yoga – he got the average, shapeless Indian to BELIEVE that he or she could do Yoga in their own houses and stay fit. This scripted the success story of a very unlikely Entrepreneur. He went on to manufacture FMCG products which were initially sold without any publicity through the media. Just by word-of-mouth publicity, delivery with the help of cycles & hand carts, Patanjali products started a revolution in India. For the first time people BELIEVED that Indian FMCG products could be better than those manufactured by foreign Multinationals.

It is a universal fact that if you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in you. The face-off between Ranveer Singh and Baba Ramdev proved to one and all that Baba Ramdev not just believes in his own capacity, he can also make others believe in him. Let us see what priceless lessons one can glean from this encounter:

  • DO NOT BE FAZED IF SOMEONE TRIES TO UNDERMINE YOU: When Ranveer Singh called out to Baba Ramdev with a leery tone, seemingly to make fun of him, Baba Ramdev took it in his stride. He neither showed anger, nor did he seem defensive when he spoke. He just mentioned in a very matter of fact way that he did not know how to dance.
  • BE A SPORT EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED: When Ranveer insisted that Baba should dance, he showed his willingness to come on stage without being offended, but reiterated that he knew only one step in dancing. When he made his ‘dhoti’ into a ‘kachcha’, even Ranveer was taken aback.
  • TURN THE TABLES EFFORTLESSLY WITHOUT MAKING THE OTHER AWARE OF IT: Ranveer had to insist more forcefully since now it was a matter of losing face for him. So when Baba suggested that he would do Yoga steps to the beats of a song, and that Ranveer should join him, Ranveer agreed readily. Little did he realize that he was just doing what Baba wanted!
  • PICK THE AREA THAT YOU ARE STRONG IN, TO DEFEND YOURSELF IN A STICKY SITUATION: Baba Ramdev knew that his expertise lay in Yoga & that he could beat Ranveer easily in that. By deciding to do it to the beats of the song of Ranveer’s choice, he made sure that he was in a secure space.
  • PRACTISE AND KEEP YOURSELF UPDATED ALWAYS: If Baba Ramdev would have thought that now that he had climbed the ladder of success, he could take things easy, he would have never succeeded in the face-off. His agility, his precision in doing Yoga Asanas showed that he must be in tip-top shape, doing Yoga on a daily basis. There was no letting up in learning and practicing. This is what every leader does, every youngster should do, if you want success always.
  • MARKETING GURU: When Ranveer asked Baba what he consumes everyday to have such strength and agility, Baba Ramdev immediately spoke about his Patanjali Products. In fact, he saw to it that within a matter of minutes, a gift hamper full of Patanjali products was gifted by him to Ranveer on stage and that too with him mentioning the products. Free Publicity anyone?
  • GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Baba Ramdev’s biggest success has been that he has been able to convert people into being his goodwill ambassadors for FREE. He did that with Ranveer Singh too. Ranveer literally begged him for a chance to become the face of Patanjali products. Immediately Baba said that he would have to do the advertisements for free since he did not pay anyone for them. What choice did Ranveer have but to accept it?
  • FULL FAITH IN HIMSELF & HIS PRODUCTS: If anyone were to ask ‘What is the best way to sell one’s product?’, the answer would be – complete faith in the product and ability to make the other person believe in your faith. This is impossible unless you believe in your own words yourself. Baba Ramdev was so full of confidence that every person sitting there would have believed that POWERVITA, a product of Patanjali was the reason why Baba had so much vigor.
  • SMILE IS THE WAY TO HAPPINESS & SUCCESS: Throughout the face-off, Baba Ramdev had a smile on his face and spoke with such positivity that every member of the audience had to concede that Baba Ramdev deserved every bit of the success that he is credited with. From being a person who could have been bullied, he became a person who had to be respected!
  • BE FEARLESS: It is said that God favours the brave. If you are brave enough to face the world which is completely judgmental on looks, physique, style and the language spoken, and are able to get your point through to the world confidently, then success will kiss your feet. Baba Ramdev epitomizes this truth.

When the face-off started, my husband started saying that Baba Ramdev should not stoop down to dancing, but he just could not walk off – he stood watching the face-off, for the entire time. At the end of it, he enthusiastically admitted that Baba Ramdev had made it look respectable to do Yoga anywhere, anytime. This is how success stories are scripted!

Jai Hind !!!

 Rati Hegde