Bad days for Pakistan!!! How the BrahMos Armed Sukhoi 30MKI Can Cripple Pakistan within Minutes

India had successfully equipped its primary fighter jet the Sukhoi 30MKI with the Brahmos-A supersonic cruise missile sometime last year. The BrahMos was initially only meant for the navy, but now it’s land and air-launched versions have been inducted too. But what makes the Sukhoi 30MKI equipped with the BrahMos-A such a lethal weapon? Let’s see.

The Su-30 is regarded as the world’s most capable fourth generation fighter jet, and the BrahMos missile is the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile (maximum speed of 3,700 km/hr). Individually, they are destructive weapons, but put the two together, and the striking capability multiplies manifold. The speed of the missile is as it is astonishing, but the Su-30’s blistering speed only adds further momentum to the missile. The Su-30 capability to breach air defences is very admirable which means that with the BrahMos-A it can annihilate designated targets deep inside enemy territory.Forty-two Sukhoi 30 MKI jets have been formed into a ‘mini air-force’ to provide India with nuclear-offensive capabilities.

Beware Pakistan

It’ll take only minutes for our BrahMos-A armed Su-30’s to cripple Pakistan. They can inflict considerable damage on Pakistan’s nuclear power plants such as the Kahuta ‘Death Star’ that manufactures its nuclear bombs; the Sargodha Central Ammunition Depot west of Lahore where these warheads are stored; ballistic missile bases in Gujranwala, Okara, Multan, Jhang and Dera Nawab Shah; Pakistani Army Corp HQin Rawalpindi; the Karachi Port whichis Pakistani’s only major harbour and its Naval HQ; and even its ordnance factories that manufacture tanks and fighter aircraft.

These Sukhois can also launch their missiles against Pakistani targets from within Indian airspace or while flying over international waters, thereby effectively rendering Pakistan’s air defences useless. Why it is also easier to cripple Pakistan militarily because most of its defences are concentrated in one province, Punjab.

When equipped with nuclear warheads, the Su-30 can in a pre-emptive strike finish Pakistan’s offensive capabilities hence neutralizing its threat to India.

Countering China

The primary problem in striking China is that its important targets are deep inland or on its coast. But, the Su-MKI has a maximum range of 3,000 km and if we add the BrahMos-A that has a range of 300 km, these jets can effectively strike 3,300 km inside Chinese territory.

Indian fighter jets are also equipped with the most modern of sensors both of Western origin and indigenous giving them an edge over Chinese fighter jets along with a few other reasons that make IAF a formidable challenge to the PLAAF. With the addition of BrahMos-A, the IAF is leagues ahead of Pakistan’s air force and better than the PLAAF at least for the next few years.

Vinayak Jain