Balakot Air Strike a grand success! While submitting evidence to Modi Govt, IAF says 80% bombs hit target

For the first 24 hours of the Balakot Air Strike, the opposition parties praised the Indian Air Force, but remained mum on the Modi government even though PM Modi had given free-hand to the forces. But once they found out that the nation is proud of not just the Indian Armed Force but even of PM Modi, the Congress party started to demand proof for the air strike.

Many analysts said that Congress party will be badly trapped because sooner or later the Modi government might release evidence. Since last few days, one or the other evidence which proved that the air strike was a massive success, was seen on media.

And now a dossier that was submitted to the Narendra Modi government proves that the IAF Air Strike was bang on as 80% bombs had hit the target. The IAF has also submitted certain images to the Modi government that will prove that the Air Strike on Balakot destroyed Pakistani based terror camps.

India Today in its report said “Indian Air Force has submitted a dossier containing 12 pages of high-resolution satellite images and synthetic aperture radar imagery collected from an intelligence aircraft platform flying in Indian airspace. These images have been submitted to the Narendra Modi government as proof that the Balakot airstrike was successful”.

It added “Indian Air Force has submitted proof of 80 per cent of the bombs used in the airstrike hitting their intended target. The other 20 per cent would likely have been deployed to give the strikes a margin of probability”.

Now that the Modi government has proofs on the air strike, if it gets released then it will be the biggest ever blow to the Congress party. Currently the entire nation is sick and tired with the Congress party for suspecting the Air Force, and if the evidence is released, only god can save this century old party from the Indians.

Hansika Raj