Balakot Effect! Italian journalist reveals that 45 JeM terrorists still being treated by Pakistan Army doctors

Ever since the Balakot Air Strike took place, Pakistan used all its tricks to prove that the Indian Air Force’s strike missed its target. Interestingly, the Pakistani authority didn’t let anyone to enter into the location where the attack took place, that too for months. But weeks ago, it invited journalists to inspect the location where hundreds of terrorists were neutralized. But even several Pakistanis claimed, with proof, that Pakistan Army had cleaned up the place and destroyed the evidence.

All tactics of Pakistan failed after the Indian Air Force submitted proof for the successful air strike. To add to the woes of Pakistan, an Italian journalist has now said that the Indian Air Force’s strike was indeed successful. She claimed that as many as 170 Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) terrorists killed in Balakot airstrike and 45 terrorists are still being treated by Pakistan Army doctors.

As many as 170 JeM terrorists killed in Balakot airstrike: Foreign journalist
A satellite image shows a close-up of the Jaish-e-Mohammed training camp in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province

Italian journalist Francesca Marino made this sensational revelation and she went on to add that “the injured were taken to a Harkat-ul-Mujahideen camp, located in Shinkiari and treated by Pakistan Army doctors. Local sources say around 45 persons are still undergoing treatment in this camp, while around 20 have died during treatment due to serious injuries”.

Speaking on the number of terrorists killed, Francesca Marino “the numbers estimated have ranged from 130-170, including those who have died during treatment. Those killed included 11 trainers, ranging from bomb makers to those imparting weapons training. Two of these trainers were from Afghanistan”.

In her report, Francesca Marino stated “Despite Pakistan’s efforts to deceive the world on the Indian airstrikes on the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp, small details of what happened in Balakot in the wee hours of February 26 and thereafter have kept trickling in from my source”.

Interestingly, Pakistan has failed to prove any these claims as false.

Below is the report by Francesca Marino:

Balakot revelation


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