Bangalore Lal Bagh’s Unique way of celebrating Republic Day!

Here in Bangalore, we celebrate the Independence Day and the Republic Day with vividly colorful flowers! Yes! The City of Gardens celebrates Patriotism with thousands of species of picturesque Flowers! Pride of Bengaluru, Lal Bagh arranges a week-long breath takingly beautiful Flower shows on 15th August and 26th January every year. This year in 2017,Lal Bagh is blooming again with all those rare and exquisite flowers carefully chosen and arranged for the 204th Flower Show!

With the cool breeze and sunny days, the Bangalore weather is at its best! And when one is inside Lal Bagh, the outside Commotion, Pollution and Congestion of the City no longer exists! With each and every corner of the 240 acres area of the Garden adorned with unique themes and vibrant flowers, two eyes are not enough to capture the vivacity of Lal Bagh.

This two Centuries old Horticultural Garden, Lal Bagh was developed by Hyder Ali and his son added horticultural wealth to them by importing trees and plants from several countries. Most of the trees are centuries old sheltering birds of various species. Flower shows are conducted every year during the week of Republic Day and Independence Day, to educate people about the variety of flora and develop public interest in plant conservation and cultivation.

This year too, around 9,00,000 flowery saplings were planted three months in advance.

For the first time in the history of the flower show, around 250 Cymbidium flowers are ornamenting the Glass House making the crowd to halt a minute longer! These flowers are grown in Sikkim and Darjeeling and are originally from the Netherlands and Australia. Flowers blossoming in cold climate such as Impatiens, Begonia and Fuchsia are also looking vivacious.

The rare once in a Century occasion coupled with the perfect timing of Flower Show- Blossoming of three Talipot Palms!

A Peacock replica with its dazzling feathers full of flowers.

Butterflies Replica using variety of roses, orchids, chrysthemums and carnation!

Villege models with huts, tree houses, tribals and animals are one of the many attractions!

The main eye-catcher, the Replica of Gol Ghumat of Delhi with refreshing roses in the Glass House!

Twenty-five varieties is occupying 10,000 sq feet at different vantage points. The Glass House is hosting nearly 800 aesthetic exhibits.Nearly 250 farmers across the State are displaying rare and unique farm produce to demonstrate the emerging horticulture technologies. Approximately Rs 1.2 crore  ($200,000) is being spent on this edition of the flower show. More than 5,00,000 visitors are expected during the week of Flower Show! 300 Police are deployed for the safety and Security purpose. Ambulance is parked just beside the Glass house.

The authorities are requesting the visitors to refrain from the selfies as the crowd becomes stagnant. But it’s too alluring for the visitors to miss the chance of clicking selfies with those colorful backgrounds!

Free entry for School Children visits!

I’m sure this visual treat will lure you into planning a trip to Bengaluru! Trust me, the visual treat is enhanced multifold when witnessed with the naked eyes!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi*


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