Bangladeshi cricketer Liton Das, who scored century against India in Asia Cup Final, was once threatened and forced to delete the Durga idol photos from his Facebook wall! Here’s why

From the beginning of the Asia Cup that was held in Dubai, Team India was declared as the hot favorite by all the cricketing experts. But few had said Pakistan would defeat India hands down, and we saw how the arrogant Pakistan was defeat by India twice in the same tournament.

But no one had expected Bangladesh to pose a tough fight against India, and the last ball victory says the story. Even though India emerged as the winner, the man of the match was Bangladeshi opener Liton Das (Liton Kumer Das) who made a sensational knock of 121 runs.

Yes, what your are thinking is right. He is a Hindu player in the Bangladeshi squad but you will feel sad and equally shocked after knowing that he was being harassed in his own nation (Bangladesh) just because he was a Hindu. A Hindu by heart.

It so happened that in the year 2015, Liton Das posted the photo of Durga idol and greeted his Facebook fans on the occasion of Durga Puja. But this was enough to instigate few of the religious bigot and radicals who started to threaten Liton Das for celebrating his religious festival.

A Facebook user, Md Metun attacked Liton Das with a warning “I told you not to post such religious things”. Few had even crossed their limits and abused Liton Das saying, how could you post Durga photos as Bangladesh is a Muslim nation.

Let down by this, Liton Das finally deleted the Durga idol photos and updated a status that read “My first identity is that I am a Bangladeshi, and religion cannot divide us”. But the abusers didn’t stop there as they continued their attack on Cricketer Liton Das.

John D Sana wrote, “Liton, majority of the people in Bangladesh is Muslim and praying to idols is forbidden in Islam. You have hurt the Muslims by posting a photo of Durga on your Facebook account. So think of yourself as a Bangladeshi and not as a Hindu”.

Here is a list of Hindus who had represented Bangladeshi cricket team:

  1. Bikash Ranjan Das (Medium Fast Bowler)
  2. Hannan Sarkar ( Opening Batsman)
  3. Alok Kapali (All rounder)
  4. Taposh Baishya (Medium fast bowler)
  5. Soumya Sarkar (Top order batsman and medium pacer)
  6. Shuvagoto Hom Chowdhry (Middle order batsman and occasional spin bowler)
  7. Dhiman Ghosh (Wicket keeper batsman)
  8. Liton Das

Among the above, Alok Kapali was very popular in the early 2000s. Known as an all rounder, he was known for his bowling skills and he had even managed to pick-up a hat-tricks. Even Taposh Baishya had played considerable games for Bangladesh.

At present, Soumya Sarkar (25 years) and Liton Das (23 years) both who are talented young players are predicted to rule the Bangladeshi cricket team for the next decade as they both are in their early 20s. Don’t be surprised if one among these duo becomes the captain of Bangladeshi cricket squad.

But also don’t forget that there exists a bunch of radicals in Bangladesh who have no other work then lynching and attacking the Hindus.

Anyways, lets appreciate the courageous and talented Liton Das. Let him have a great career ahead.

Source: The Daily Star

Hansika Raj