Barkha Dutt biggest lie on Yogi Adityanath exposed, check how she tried to spread fake narrative!

After BJP announced Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the entire pseudo secular media have lost their minds. Everybody in the lutyens gang are unable to believe that a strong man has been selected who would give damn for the media and is not bothered to please any media.

Barkha Dutt is the first person who ranted against the selection of Yogi Adityanath as the CM candidate. She went to an extent of lying blatantly on social media, only to get caught.

Barkha Dutt just a month back during the UP election campaign had put a tweet that her driver in Lucknow had predicted that Samajwadi party had greater chances of winning the UP elections.

But yesterday, after BJP announced Yogi as the CM of UP, she wanted to spark a fake narrative and create panic in the minds of people that Yogi Adityanath was not the people’s choice. So she quoted that her driver in Lucknow (same person who predicted that Samajwadi party will win) voted for BJP, but he did not want Yogi as the CM.

Barkha Dutt has contradicted her own statement which was made few days back. First she gives the impression that her driver is a SP supporter and he predicted their win. But yesterday, she went on to say that the same driver had voted for BJP but he was not happy that Yogi was selected as CM and he was not the face of vikas!

So which is correct?? Either she lied a month back about her driver saying that SP was winning in UP just to create a perception and misguide people or she is lying now that her driver says that Yogi is not the choice of people.

This is a clear evidence as to how she is misusing her position as a journalist just to spew venom against a man calling him fringe and communal. Even today she has blatantly questioned the selection of Yogi as CM just because her elite class in AC rooms are not comfortable with a person who doesn’t encourage pseudo secularism and minority appeasement like Congress or SP.



She should remember that people of UP have voted them despite they knew BJP did not have a CM face, which means they have put trust on PM Modi’s choice of CM! Just because few lutyens people are not comfortable with a person who doesn’t agree with them will not make their narrative people’s opinion.

This UP verdict is a clear signal as to how media lies and fake propaganda has completely failed. It is a defeat to the dynatic politics, elite class in Delhi who think they rule the country from media houses!

Aishwarya S