Barkha Dutt gives guidelines for Congress party on how to defeat BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections! But this is how an American ripped her apart

It’s quite tough to understand these Anti-National journalists’ mentality and vision for India. What about the strategy to administer and govern our nation?? This warped thought process of congregation of all opposition parties is a disaster for the nation! Do any these ever have some genuine thoughts for the nation?

Its indeed very sad to see so-called intellectual people tweeting about promoting literal division of the country. If in case regional parties win the way these Anti-Indians have advised what would they do post election? Everybody wanting to be in power to promote their families and siblings, it will be more like an regional monarchy!

Just two parties forming post poll alliance in Karnataka is in stalemate on portfolios and Government is yet to be formed. Do you want all of us to trust 100 plus opposition parties wining few seats and giving us stable Government? Elections are not about beating PM Modi alone! Probably its beyond this hatred agenda against the PM.

After Kairana my argument holds even more- for the opposition to beat Modi the only option is to pin the BJP down in 543 local fights. Fight national; think local- and don’t make it personality vs personality.

Personality v/s personality. No its Lion Vs whatsoever you can term it!! This lady very well knows the talent of her boss so she is not ready to compare him with the PM. Thus it is this One Lion against all those traitors. Rahul Gandhi alone will find it tough to fight PM Modi, thus these regional parties are in an attempt to join hands.

If you write a winning strategy for the Opposition. To be fair, can you also write a winning strategy for the Ruling party as well? Isn’t that so? Doesn’t your journalism ethics teach you that? Your profession needs to be fair enough on all ways.

This is great strategy indeed, divide India into 543 parts and rule, age old colonial formula, that’s where Congress wants to take India. Patel division in Gujurat , Lingayat division in Karnataka , Dalit division in Uttar Pradesh, Jat division in Haryana, Rajput division in Rajasthan thus Congress wants to win by applying its division strategy! 

Barkha isn’t journalism limited to just speaking/writing/showing only the truth? It’s a known fact that you are under a Anti-Indian movement . Might as well dump the fake journalism tag, join congress and become their chief strategist. At the end of the day your designation and work will be in tandem!

This battle is between, One Man Vs All those who hate that One Man to their spines!! And that only because he doesn’t belong to that blue blood ? In our country no ordinary man has a right to become a PM except one dynasty ? If one dares to become the PM, the nobles want him down at any cost!!