Barkha Dutt, Gurumehar Kaur and Rajdeep Sardesai are heroes of peace, ABVP are goons says Pakistan Media! Watch and you will get all answers.

In a very much expected development, the Pakistan media has gone all praise for Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Gurumehar Kaur for defending Pakistan during the Ramjas College controversy.

Just a week after protests broke out in Ramjas college, the entire lutyens gang and anti National lobby from JNU racked the Azadi narrative again in the name of freedom of speech. This same lobby was responsible for raising Pro Pakistani and Anti India slogans last year in JNU calling Bharat Ki Barbhadi, Bharat Ke thukde Honge, immediately after which they received severe backlash from people. The only people who supported them were Pakistanis and terrorists.

This time also, there seems to be no difference. The Pakistan media has come out in open support for Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Gurumehar kaur for endorsing “Pakistan did not kill my dad, War killed”! The Pakistan media has claimed that the real peace keepers of India are Barkha, Rajdeep and Gurumehar and called the ABVP which spoke for the country as goons.

Yes, for Pakistan anyone who speaks for India becomes goons, but watch Pakistanis praising Barkha and Gurumehar. This one video is more than sufficient to show who is being benefited by Azadi gang. Those people who are calling it freedom of speech are actually favoring Pakistan’s stand of demanding Azadi to kashmir from India.

So is this freedom of speech? It is very well known how Barkha Dutt came in support of Burhan Wani, terrorist who got killed by Indian Army. She indirectly spewed venom and hatred against the Indian Army in Jammu kashmir and provoked youngsters to speak against the army. This same lady, is again speaking for the anti Nationals who are causing grave threat to nation.

Not just Pakistan, the most wanted terrorist Hafiz Sayeed also had praised Barkha Dutt openly in an interview, He had also praised Congress for taking on BJP. Now what does it show when a terrorist gives open support to these people? Doesn’t means either the Azadi gang is working against India or working for terrorists??

After Indian army conducted surgical strikes, Kejriwal and Congress were the first ones to demand proof of the strike. Pakistan also had demanded proof, so do you see any difference between these people and Pakistan? Pakistan had infact trended a tag on social media #PakistanstandswithKejriwal.

The Pakistan newspaper proudly had put headlines that Delhi CM had questioned Indian government .

Watch how Pakistanis are praising Barkha, Rajdeep and Gurumehar.


Aishwarya S