Barkha Dutt has found new low of journalism and stoops to disgusting level of suggesting terror attacks

During Kargil, when the country was discussing Pakisthan’s treachery and sacrifice of our soldier, another name was in limelight. It was of a journalist,

Barkha dutt.

She was praised by many to be so brave to be covering live from battle ground. Many movie lead roles were inspired by her.

Only years later, it was revealed that her coverage revealed the positioning of our soldiers to the enemy country.

Then came a time when she received praise by most wanted terrorist Hafeez Sayed. Since long she has been seen peddling fake narratives and anti hindu rhetoric. Her rants shot up after PM Modi assumed office.

PM Modi’s government has taken a strong step and abolished article 370, post this pakisthan has become restless. And Barkha dutt who calls herself an ‘Emmy nominated journalist’ made most obnoxious and sinister remarks.

Analysing what Pakistan could do after being diplomatically isolated by India over the Kashmir issue, Barkha Dutt, said that Pakistan has no option but to instigate terrorist attacks in India.

“As India continues to notch up diplomatic win after win when it comes to Jammu & Kashmir issue, Pakistan is left with just one option: to stoke another Pulwama-like attack within the Kashmir valley or, dare I say, a big, impactful terror attack elsewhere in the country,” she said.

Dutt continues in her analysis: “The aim of such an attack would be to trigger a military response from India to escalate the situation along the Line of Control and then turn to the world asking for intervention.” She also cautioned the Indian government to be wary of any such attack and be thoroughly prepared.

It is not just strange but also sinister that a senior mediaperson is suggesting that country like Pakistan is being ‘forced’ to incite terror in India. What does she want to convey by making such analysis?

She has crossed the line of even decency, if at all she is concerned about the Kashmiris like she claims, she should have advised ‘true statemen’ Imran Khan to accept that Kashmir is India’s internal issue and de escalate the tension at the border and also should have advised her friendly nation to stop violating ceasefire.

But to advice that the only option they are left with is to carry out pulwama like attack, she is not only giving terror state pakisthan an idea, but also insulting the martyrs of the attack.

This isnt the first time Barkha has crossed line,

Barkha dutt and likes of her, post Pulwama shared pictures on social media to show Pakistanis are condemning the Pulwama terrorist attack. Same placard with the same background has been used in order to fool Indians and to send a subtle message that people living in Pakistan also have a heart.

Minhaz Merchant a senior journalist writes, These sympathy building is nothing but just a sham PR stunt. It’s all the idea of Pakistan’s notorious ISI. As exposed by David Headley, ISI plays a dual role in India. Its main task is to fund and support terrorism against India.

Its parallel role, as said by Minhaz Merchant, is to build a system of Indian opinion-makers who will provide credible alibis for Pakistan after terror attacks by the terrorist groups the ISI has nurtured for decades.

The top tier of this system is comprised of journalists, who defend Pakistan in newspaper columns and television debates.

The next category is of filmmakers, artists and writers who advocate initiatives like Aman Ki Asha, irrespective of its terror strikes against India.

The third category is of opposition politicians who are quick to find lame excuses for Pakistan sponsored terrorism. For example, Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism. And at the same time, they also criticize the Indian government’s response against Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

These categories are the one who carries out placard activism and advocates maintaining good relation with Pakistan no matter how many number of terror attacks it carries out against India.

In another case,

Zaid Hamid, a Pakistan based radical Islamist, had used tweets of Barkha Dutt to claim that India is trying to expand the conflict along the entire LOC and to try capture strategic regions inside Pakistan.

Even when the country was mourning loss of our CRPF personnel in pulwama attack, Barkha tried to deviate the topic by posting obnoxious pictures on SM, she could have directly lodged a complaint of sexual harassment with the police. But Barkha continued rants of right wing bullying.

National security comes first, and people like Barkha, must be watched out. Freedom of expression shouldn’t compromise national security, as a responsible citizen Barkha should have realized this. Alas, we can not expect anything if that sort from likes of her.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth