Barkha Dutt Insults India in America, Childishly Complains About Arnab Goswami!

All these years Barkha Dutt enjoyed freedom ranting against India and spreading false stories about Kashmir. But ever since people on social media started questioning those people who have been misusing MSM to malign the country and talk for terrorists in Kashmir, this gang has become impatient and nervous. These people are finding ways to vent out their anger and frustration on different platforms.

It is no secret that some of the journos have been playing in the hands of terrorists, indirectly supporting them and fuelling violence in Kashmir. Many reports also suggest that these people are providing sensitive information to the separatist and indirectly supporting the Pakistan lobby whose aim is to destroy Kashmir.

Many times MSM have deliberately shown the live army operations on TV causing threat to National security and soldier’s life. When such people are questioned, they are trying to suppress the voice of people by threatening them with defamation cases.

SHOCKING: Did Barkha Dutt Show Way for Terrorists to Attack Pampore???

Lately, Barkha Dutt has been exposed very badly on social media, her tweets supporting terrorist Burhan Wani calling him innocent, her irresponsible way of reporting along LoC were criticized severely. Arnab Goswami of Timesnow had also attacked the Anti India lobby who were relentlessly batting for terrorists and questioning the integrity of the Indian army. He had openly called them Pseudo Liberals and “Paki Doves”!

The ‘Kind Young Man’ who Gave Lift to Barkha Dutt is Hizbul Mujaheddin Terrorist Zakir Rashid ??

Unable to counter Nationalist on facts, Barkha Dutt has started a new game of complaining about Indians and India in America! Shamelessly she has ranted against India in Watson Institute, Brown University in New York.

We can also see Professor Varshney guiding Kashmirir Stone Pelters how to embarrass and humiliate India while Barkha says she agrees with it!

So basically these people are helping Pakistani organised protesters to demand AZADI from India, They are supporting violence and misguiding the youths to fight more for Kashmir Azadi!

Another interesting point is, Barkha Dutt is spreading false stories gainst India exactly when the BRICS summit is being organized. Many Pakistanis have also reached US at the same time to complain about so called Human Rights Violation in Kashmir. Barkha Dutt is speaking in the same tone of Pakistanis….Co-Incidence??

This is enough to prove who she works for and what exactly is her motive!

Aishwarya S


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