Barkha Dutt says there was an attempt to kill Umar Khalid! But the inside story proves she lied blatantly

Hours ago the news broke out that Umar Khalid was shot by unknown assailants but he managed escaped narrowly. This gave the ammunition to the Modi-hating liberal and secular brigade to claim that the critics of the Modi government are not safe in India.

Soon Umar Khalid gave an interview to NDTV and said “I was coming back from a tea-stall and was at the gate of the Constitution Club when I was attacked. He had a pistol. I kept holding his hand to stop him from firing. He ran to the other side and fired. My friends overpowered him but he escaped”.

He even tried to gain sympathy by saying “I don’t know who they were. The message is clear that you should live in fear, that you can be killed anytime if you speak against the government. Gauri Lankesh, Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare were killed. Dr Kafil Khan’s brother was attacked. We are raising our voice, what’s wrong with that”.

Soon journalist Barkha Dutt came out to his support by saying “Pistols and shooting in the national capital on the eve of Independence Day all in the name of nationalism. Shame on these hatemongers who defile all the flag stands for and shame on the news channels who have unleashed mob violence with their relentless hate mongering”.

But in reality, there was no such attack taken place on Umar Khalid. This was revealed by a journalist who was present at the event where the attack was said to have taken place.

Journalist named Santosh Kumar narrated the event. He rubbished the attack on Umar Khalid and said that the fight was actually taking place between some other people. During the fight the man with the gun fired shots at the other. After a failed attempt he again fired at the air, by then the other person managed to flee. This fight was taking place near a tea stall in Delhi.

Journalist Santosh Kumar also said that while the fight was going on, Umar Khalid of the “tukde tukde gang” was no even present at the site. While the gun fight was going on, Umar Khalid was inside the Constitution Club, but came to the site where gun fire took place only after the man who brandished the gun fled the site.

Umar Khalid was at Delhi to attend an event named “Khauff Se Azaadi” at the Constitution Club; it was based on mob lynchings. But soon after the talk, Umar Khalid gave birth to a fake news and tried to claim publicity.

Now that Barkha Dutt has been exposed for lying, will she apologize? We had seen her writing several articles, in international newspapers, saying a break should be put on fake news. She was accompanied by many more leftists who not just blamed the Modi government but even attacked Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV and Times Now.

  • Shocking and highly condemnable: a guy attacked Umar Khalid from behind and tried to shoot him in Delhi. This is the direct result of hatred whipped up by Republic TV & other hate media. I spoke to Umar. He’s okay, but we should be very very worried about his safety.

Even Sagarika Ghose had spread this fake news by saying,

  • Shocking, terrible assault. Hateful violent words by TV anchors results almost inevitably in violent acts on the street. Needs to be strongly condemned by all.

Even “The Quint” gave replyied on fake news.

Now the question is will these be arrested for spreading fake news against the Indian government and other media organisations?

Hansika Raj