Barkha Dutt Shamelessly Tries to Save the Extremists Who Threatened Mohammad Shami on Facebook!

Few days back, Mohammed Shami, the Indian pace bowler and batsman who is very active on social media, is always seen sharing many cricketing moments and family moments on facebook. Couple days back, Md. Shami posted few pictures of his family which were apparently taken on his birthday.

In the picture his wife was seen wearing a western outfit and looked beautiful. There was absolutely nothing offensive in the picture. But few fascists Islamic followers attacked Md. Shami and his wife with disgusting words and threatened him for not following Islamic rules. The social media came to his support and many right thinking people stood with him and his family.

Many who mocked and taunted Md. Shami are the same people who rant about freedom of speech and call themselves the so called liberal and secular brigade of our country.

But the interesting part here is, when the FAKE liberals were caught red handed mocking Md. Shami’s wife…the first person who came to their rescue was none other than the great BARKHA DUTT!

This lady instead of supporting Md. Shami’s wife, took out a 7 year old news of some bajrang dal activists issuing dress code for temples and tried to save the Islamic extremists. She tried to imply that there was nothing new in such attacks and tried to draw a comparison between the two groups. It is true that no person or group has any rights to issue rules against the democratic system and every person has the right to live their life!

The real intention of Barkha Dutt was not to support Shami, but to save the extremists who used derogatory language against the cricketer. But what she forgot was, the article of Bajarang dal did not target women who wore dresses to party but said that dress code should be implemented in temples. It is a common practice in few temples that asks men to wear dhoti and women to wear salwar or saree and people haven’t found this as a restriction.

Barkha Dutt should first understand who are those people who are known for issuing FATWA against movies, against music and put restriction on women ??? This lady who did not speak a word against separatists who issued FATWA against women Rock Band in Jammu, today preaches the society about rights??

Where was Barkha Dutt when Fatwa was issued against A R Rehman and Jimmy Sheirgill movie? Does she remember the most famous book the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie was banned and FATWA was issued against it???

Who is responsible for FATWA…Bajrang dal ???

Can Barkha Dutt list the number of times Hindu outfits issuing FATWA against Music, girl rock bands??

The real intention of Barkha Dutt is that she wants to neutralize the anger against the Islamic Extremists and not really to help Md. Shami.



Aishwarya S