Barkha Dutt tries to be intelligent, but gets trolled badly after she tweeted this!

Like they say, “Shameless people are invincible”, some people would never stop no matter how many times they are virtually slapped.

Looks like it is the same in case of Barkha Dutt. No matter how many times she has been exposed, no matter how many times people have bashed her, she keeps repeating the age old habit of mocking Indians. It is well known fact that how Barkha Dutt has openly supported terrorists like Burhan Wani and those who support him. She has also spoken for separatists of Kashmir who are constantly indulging in a proxy war against India.

There are thousands of soldiers who have been brutally killed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists, but not once have these so called journalists spoken for them. They have infact blamed the army for violence in Kashmir. She did not speak a word when a Muslim mob attacked Hindus in Kairana, UP last year, she did not speak a word when Hindus were attacked in West Bengal. But the same lady has tweeted 10-20 tweets defending burglars who steal cows in cities and sell them to slaughter houses. Illegal slaughtering of cow is a serious offense in India, but this lady is directly encouraging such acts.

Few days back, a gang of 10-15 people attacked a man in Rajasthan who had stolen their cow and sold it to an illegal slaughter house. The man sustained injuries and died in the hospital after the attack. Yes, of course any sort of violence is condemnable, but these hypocrites can only see the pain of those people who belong to one community. They do not care about hundreds of Hindus who were rendered homeless and their people were butchered in West Bengal last year.

So how can a person who weighs people’s pain of basis of religion have any morality to preach others? She tweeted that people should stop using the words, Rakshaks, vigilantes and call them murderers, but she did not realise she carries a huge baggage of Anti National stands which would boomerang her.

Check how she tried to preach and got slammed!

This is her usual habit, she keeps repeating the same mistake and keeps getting slammed by people. When she has no takers in India, she goes abroad and starts complaining about social media on international platform and maligns India by propagating fake stories.

Deepa Chandra