Battle within Congress! While frightened Pakistan pleads India for “peace-talks”, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh trolls Navjot Singh Sidhu

Within 100 hours after the Pulwama attack was carried out by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists, the Indian Armed Force succeeded in eliminating the mastermind behind it. The Indian Army said “Anyone who picks up guns in Kashmir will be eliminated, unless they surrender”. It also exposed Pakistan saying “There is no doubt that Pakistan Army and the ISI is involved. JeM is a child of the Pakistan Army”.

These firm statements by the Indian Army has rattled Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who came pleading saying war is not a solution. Khan stated “Indian government blamed Pakistan without evidence. What will Pakistan benefit from it, when Pakistan is at this stage. Whenever we initiate peace-talks with Pakistan, first statement that India issues is to curb terrorism in the country. We are ready to talk about terrorism as well. Pakistan is that country that has suffered the most due to terrorism. I want to tell India this is the time for introspecting, you have to think why this is happening in Kashmir”.

This statement from the Prime Minister of terrorist nation Pakistan indicates that he is scared of the strong stance taken by the Modi government, like removing Pakistan from Most Favoured Nation’s list. But back in India, the Pakistan sympathizers are not ready to let Pakistan down.

One such person is Congress leader and Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu who is not ready to slam Pakistan even though the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh said he wants double the amount of dead bodies from Pakistan in retaliation.

Now senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has trolled Navjot Singh Sidhu by saying “Navjot Singh Sidhu ji apne Dost Imran Bhai ko samjhaiye”. (Rough English translation: Navjot Singh Sidhu, convince your friend Imran Khan).

So the above tweet has led to a lot of speculations. What did Digvijaya Singh mean to say? In what way he wanted Sidhu to convince Pakistani PM? At one end, Sidhu is not ready to slam Pakistan and at another end, he wants peace talks with Pakistan while our soldiers are attacked. Even though Sidhu’s anti-national acts have been slammed by many leaders within the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi has strongly backed his nonsense.

Hansika Raj